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Glad that’s over!

So I am hoping that everyone’s Valentine’s day was a super one 🙂

 blog photos 078     

Mine was awesome with too many treats…let’s just pretend that this day of sweet binging didn’t happen – after all calories and such do not count on holidays right?

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I started my day off with cornmeal pancakes topped with laughing cow strawberry cream cheese wedge & strawberry preserves.  After all we must have a little pink action on love day.  This was a great breakfast that lasted a while, and I was thinking this will be a good day…..

Then our supervisor showed up to do a formal evaluation on us (myself & my partner therapist on campus).  This lead to too many chocolate chips being popped into our mouths!  You see we had planned a cute little treat for our babies yesterday.  We gave them a graham cracker square (just 1), let them put pink icing on it, then top with a few  chocolate chips.  I would have been fine with not having any until I noticed the partner purchased Ghirardelli chocolate chips!!  Who can resist that.  Of course with them being in front of you on a table it seems you are constantly popping a couple into your mouth.

Then we had cake in the lounge in the afternoon for one of our custodians that is leaving us.  I wasn’t going to get a slice, until she insisted that I have some of her cake because she didn’t want to have to take so much of it home.  So I had a small piece.  At this point I was feeling pretty darn yucky.

But I promised the boys some frozen yogurt for their v-day treat.  We went to the knew for-yo shop that is literally with a couple miles from my house…..boy am I in trouble.  I don’t have a photo to show of it since I left my phone at home :(, but I had a little red velvet & a little white chocolate raspberry with blueberries, strawberries, and cheese cake squares on top.

blog photos 079

Then the fun began!  I had to get ready for the hubster’s v-day dinner!  He works 12 hour shifts with his new job so we had a very late dinner for us.  I normally would have eaten already since I can’t stand to eat then immediately go to bed, but it was a special night so I waited for him.

blog photos 080

We started with a small salad that was made with spinach, beets, cucumber, celery, and trail mix on top.  Topped with a orange marmalade-Dijon vinaigrette.

I absolutely loved this salad!  The trail mix is Archer Farm’s sunny cranberry trail mix (so good), and the dressing is a tablespoon of dijon, tablespoon olive oil, tablespoon of balsamic, add in orange marmalade until reach desired sweetness level.

blog photos 082

Next was our main dish, one of the hubster’s favs – blackened shrimp-pesto pasta!  He loves anything with shrimp and anything with pesto for that fact, so I knew this dish would be perfect!  I also served a slice of garlic bread with his meal, while I opted for a few triscuit crackers for my meal.

blog photos 081

A little vino with dinner is necessary on the day of love 🙂

blog photos 083

Next up was dessert.  As you can imagine I wasn’t too enthused about this after a day of sweets, but I wanted to have one for the meal since it was a special occasion.  For this I decided to go with a more mellow dessert as opposed to a super sweet one.  I used a box of devil’s food cake mix.  In the mix I subbed milk for the water, cut the oil in half and added an extra egg.  This made is very fluffy and soft 🙂  I stirred in about 1/2 cup of butterscotch chips into the batter, then poured it on a jelly roll pan and baked it at 325* until toothpick came out clean.  I cut the cake into squares, topped with whipped cream, and a cherry 🙂

The hubster loved this dessert.  You see he isn’t one for super sweet stuff any way, and he is more of a cobbler type person than cake.  But he did love this cake since it was just sweet enough, and I didn’t use an icing. 

It was the perfect Valentine’s day meal!!  I loved having this time with him (kiddos were already in bed), and in my opinion it was the perfect candle light dinner served at our very own table, eaten in our pj’s!

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