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Mardi Gras – WIAW

Hello my wonderful friends!  How is your week so far?  Well for me it is fab at this point since this is my first day at work this week 🙂

 blog photos 062

 blog photos 063 blog photos 064

I mean a little drizzly rain/shower can’t stop us!  We are true Louisianans 🙂

blog photos 065 blog photos 066         

Oh year Mardi Gras was going down, and we went all out for Fat Tuesday!!

blog photos 073

No while my morning started with a healthy breakfast of brown rice w/ milk and laughing cow cheese wedge – lunch was totally not of the healthy variety!  We treated the boys to Steak N Shake after the parade.  They love to eat their, and if I am honest so do I!

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I mean who doesn’t love to eat in a swanky diner where you can wear paper hats?

blog photos 069

And get your very own swanky cardboard car!  This is the kid in me kid heaven I tell ya!

blog photos 072blog photos 068

Carolina slaw dog for mom w/ chili and shoe string fries, a nice glass of cold iced tea (unsweetened)….in my defense their franks are all beef and there is a little veggie action going on with the cole slaw, hehe!

blog photos 070

Have you ever been to a Steak N Shake?  I tell you those shakes are massive!  I am talking 1950’s share with your sweet heart style 🙂

blog photos 071

Luckily I had the will power to stop there because the above photos were just about to get me into trouble!  After lunch we did a little shopping in town.  Oh and we had to get the hubster a new phone line on my plan.  Remember the thing we were celebrating a few weeks ago that I couldn’t really go into detail about?  Well now I can tell all…..

The hubster started a new job this week!!  It is a little bitter sweet.  I mean the new job is a great opportunity with good benefits, retirement, more time off, etc, but we will all miss his old job.  His boss was so wonderful to us!  Now he is working shift work at 12 hour shifts with the whole work 3, off 2, work 2, off 3 schedule – hence the more time off.  The only down fall is that he will be on night shift, but this was necessary in order to get the salary that we are use to him making (they get paid more for nights).  He also has opportunities for growth, raises, quarterly bonuses, etc.  His cell was a company line so we had to add him to my plan….it just gave me an excuse to drag him out shopping.  Where I scored a new 6 quart crock pot w/ locking lid for 25$$$

Then it was home to cook dinner.  I decided to add some veggies into this meal for sure after the lovely lunch we had…

blog photos 076

A nice glass of cucumber water, everything is better in a wine glass right?  This reminds me I forgot to make my pitcher of nectarine water to put in fridge this morn 😦

blog photos 075

Grilled pork chop (only ate 1/2), brown rice w/ red beans (1/4 cup), spinach salad, and kale chips.  I know it sounds like a ton of food but very small portions!

Then after dinner I enjoyed a nice slice of blueberry cream cheese king cake.  And yes, I stuffed that thing in my mouth so fast that a picture was not happening. 

Sadly this only kicked off my massive sweet tooth which lead me to dip into a tiny scoop of the hubster’s ice cream, and then a palm full of my favorite dark chocolate espresso trail mix 😦

This people is why I try my best to avoid all super sweet desserts.  Had I opted for just the trail mix I would have been fine.  You give me a super sweet dessert, and I want chocolate the rest of the night!  Must come up with something for Valentine’s that is not so tempting 🙂

Peas and Crayons

Happy Wednesday guys.  Don’t forget to head over to Jenn’s blog and check out what everyone is eating lately – it is great inspiration.  Oh and Jenn, please forgive my lack of veggies this week – it was carnival 🙂

2 thoughts on “Mardi Gras – WIAW”

  1. Everything looks so good!! I’ve never heard of that place. I’m sure my family would love it. That’s so great about the hubby’s new job. The opportunities sound like it will work out better for you all.

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