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Lundi Gras

Happy Monday to you guys!! It is carnival season here in Louisiana which means I have today and tomorrow off 🙂

Today is known as Lundi Gras in these parts. That is what we all the Monday before Fat Tuesday, the day the King of Rex arrives by boat!! Just another day of partying to the folks of New Orleans, lol!!

So am I celebrating with lots of booze, food, and king cake? Nope! At least not today. Today I am celebrating with veggies!!

I am still following the suggestions of the conscious cleanse, but I use admit I haven't followed it to the T the past two days. Don't get me wrong it is not difficult to do, but I decided to add a few things back yesterday! See its conscious 🙂

We had a birthday party to attend yesterday so I had a small piece of cake there. I didn't eat the thick icing on it, it was a small piece, and I gave part of it to my son so I do not feel bad about that choice. Last night I had taco salad which followed he guidelines except I had some millet in it and salsa. See one of he guidelines for the two weeks is that your choose a grain, meat, or other protein choice to go with your veggies, you aren't suppose to mix those three together. Also no nightshades are “allowed” so no tomatoes. What's a taco salad without salsa???

Well I felt so great this weekend that I decided to add them back. The cleanse has been great. Now I must say the first few days were rough without the caffeine, but I made it through! I woke up feeling awesome. I am sleeping better, feeling better, and ready to tackle workouts again.

Yep I have to admit that I didn't workout last week. For three days I had a constant headache, then less energy, then the weekend hit and the book suggests veggies only so no workouts just rest. But today I am ready to get back in the game 🙂

So I have decided to not follow the full two weeks completely. I am still going to follow some of it like warm lemon water first thing, no coffee, etc, but frankly I am tired of green smoothies every morning! Also I am sick of trying to figure out meals since fresh veggies are limited this time of year (no potatoes on cleanse), and it is carnival/valentines week so treats are a must!

I just really feel that since I am pretty healthy so what I have/am doing is sufficient. I plan to do this again in the spring/summer when veggies and fruits are abundant.

So give me your opinion on cleansing, how long, what to avoid, etc!


2 thoughts on “Lundi Gras”

  1. Helen, I think it’s awesome that instead of pushing yourself into a workout, you just simply listened to your body & gave it the proper rest.

    . and yes, no taco salad is complete with salsa!!!

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