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What I Feel Wednesday

I realize that today is suppose to be what I ate Wednesday, but honestly that is kinda boring!  You pretty much saw it last week.  As I stated on Monday, I started the Conscious Cleanse this week so food is pretty basic.  I will give you a run down of what I am eating, but more importantly I would like to talk about what I am feeling!

  • Breakfast:  20 oz  warm lemon water & green smoothie (every morning)
  • Morning snack:  piece of fruit or veggie w/ hummus
  • Lunch:  big ol’ salad w/ either a grain or protein
  • Afternoon snack:  fruit or veggie w/ hummus (opposite of morning)
  • Dinner:  protein, veggie, and salad (last night was fish and broccoli)

So how has it been going so far?  Horrible in ways and great in others!  Monday I was so exhausted that I crashed super early so I was thinking maybe my lack of energy/headache was stemming from the fact that in a 60 hour period I had only slept 9 hours.  Now I am thinking that it was a combination of that as well as cleansing symptoms. 

If you know very much about cleansing then you know you have to eliminate all sugar, alcohol, and caffeine along with other foods.  Which means that I haven’t had a cup of coffee since Sunday!!  I have headaches daily, feel like I am in a fog, and just want to sleep most of the time.  I literally had to make myself go to the gym yesterday.  I kept the workout light so it wasn’t my best, but I am comforted by the fact that I did get at least a little activity in.

In other areas things are better.  My digestion is improving, and while I will not go into details with you I will say my tummy is happier!  I have been drinking a good bit of water, but can totally improve in that area.  I think I am drinking a little less than normal due to my exhaustion.  Also, I haven’t really had any huge craving for sweets until last night.  I did want something sweet after dinner so I opted for a date with cashew butter, which worked fine. 

I have also been more aware of my hunger signs now that I am not constantly popping something into my mouth to snack on.  I do not hold myslef to any specific time limits between meals, but I do wait until I am hungry before I eat again.  Please don’t mistake this for not eating enough.  I do not wait until I am starving and have belly grumbles, but I can tell that I need a little snack in my tummy before my next meal 🙂

So other than the negatives of daily headaches that will not go away (due to lack of caffeine) things are going good.  I am determined to make it through the two week cleanse without any slips, and believe me this is testing me big time!  I at times so want to give in to the coffee!!  However, I do know that my body really needs a good restart.  I do intend to enjoy my coffee after the cleanse, but the main thing is to not drink so much of it.  I was up to three cups a day!!  So I am pushing through this and hopefully will come out on the other side feeling 100% better 🙂

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