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Two for Tuesday

So how are you guys doing with your fitness goals so far?  Hopefully great!  While I may not be off to the wonderful start I was hoping for (hello sickness and yuckiness) I have continues to push forward with my fitness, as I know many of you are as well!

So today let me share with you some motivational quotes to keep you pumped (no pun intended) up to continue and not give in to the January slump….

You know what I am talking about!  Gyms are always full when the new year hits, but by the end of the month they are back to the usual regulars with a few new ones added!

I guess the main thing I am trying to say today is DONT. BE. A. STATISTIC.

Fitness takes dedication, time, you have to put it as a priority.  It is not going to just work itself out like many would want it to.  You have to make it a part of your life, your routine 🙂

You get out of what you put in.  So you aren’t at your ideal size, weight, level of strength?  Well I am  not where I want to be either!  I am not talking about the number on the scale or  in your jeans.  But I do want to improve my fitness in many ways.  I do want a better body, and I will work for that!

Your body will not change because you wish it that way, trust me I have tried that technique, your body is what you make of it!  So let’s promise ourselves that we will make it the best it can be 🙂


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