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Where did January go?!

Wow, on month into 2013 already!  It is amazing that time can pass so quickly as an adult.  I can remember thinking that the school year took forever to end!

Of course working for the system I still love summers since I am home with my kiddos everyday, but the adult in me just can’t help but think that time passes to quickly.  It seems I can’t get everything done in the year that needs to be done!

And speaking of getting things done I have kept up with my January goal to read my devotional/scripture every morning!  Yay me!!

I of course have several goals that I am going to work towards throughout the year, but one of my goals was to also have a small monthly goal to work towards as well.  January’s was to start my mornings with a devotional reading.  It seems to make the day better when you start it out on the positive 🙂

So now it is time to tackle February, and since it is a short month by several days, I decided my goal this month would be to tackle something I have been researching and planning for a few weeks now! 

The Conscious Cleanse Book

Conscious Cleanse is a book that I came across on I believe Instagram and was intriguing to me.  So what does one do when this happens?  Well buy the book of course!  So I did, read it, loved it, and I am ready to start on Monday 🙂

I will talk more about this in a later post, but just to give you a quick run down:

In the 14 day journey of the Conscious Cleanse we will show you, step by step how to detoxify your body, ignite a process of deep healing, discover what food makes you feel the best, and create a sustainable way of eating that will support you on your journey to vibrant health and longevity.

As many of you know I have so many crazy digestive issues that may seem so small and minor to many, but to someone like me they get in the way of life.  I have many friends that are in the same boat per say as I am.  They too feel yucky, bloated, gassy, nauseous, etc when they eat.  I have often tried to convince them to try and give up foods since I know that is the main culprit.  I will continue to try and get them to address their diets, and I pray that one day I will get through to them so they can have a better life.

So what makes this different than the other things I have tried?  Simply put it is a cleanse.  The only thing I have tried in the past is the Paleo diet and while I loved it, found it easy to follow, and found it helpful it still wasn’t an actual cleanse of my system.  For this reason I am doing the conscious cleanse to truly cleanse my body and prepare it for determining my allergens.  You can find the book through Amazon, iBooks, and the bookstores, but you can also get information from the website

So I went out with a bang this past weekend per say with the birthday party that totally included some king cake, and the super bowl on last night wtih gumbo and potato salad!  Which means now it is down to the nitty gritty of cleansing my body…..which means no coffee for two weeks – someone please help the hubster he will surely need it!

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