Feeling normal again

Hiya guys, how is you week going so far?  Mine – well it couldn’t be better.  Umm unless it was Mardi Gras, or spring break, or better yet summer! 

This week was all about feeling normal again after my lovely weekend with family and friends; therefore the eats have been pretty boring!

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I have been having a huge green smoothie for breakfast every morning this week.  I have fallen in love with these again, and I find them so convenient during the work week.  It is so easy to throw stuff in the blender, pour in a cup, and walk out the door!  Snacks have been fruits, nut butters, whole nuts, veggies w/ hummus of some sort, etc.  Oh and tea!

Lunches have been mostly salads of some sort with homemade dressings.  This week I am loving the combination of olive oil, balsamic, and spicy brown mustard.  I usually like to make a mixture of dressing to place in the fridge for the entire week.  That way I am not mixing up one for every single salad I eat which is often two a day 🙂   My salads have been a mixture of romaine, spinach, carrots, beets, artichoke, avocado, banana peppers, pickles, sunflower seeds, and some type of protein on top.  I have also been adding some brown rice to many of them in an attempt to bulk them up more so they will keep me full longer. 

Desserts have usually been some type of fruit, date w/ nut butter, and/or a cup of tea!


Now head on over to Jenn’s place to check out what others have been enjoying, and to get some awesome inspiration for meals!  Thaks a bunch to her for hosting this awesome link party each and every week…..where would we be without it?? 

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