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Rest is Best

Hello my lovely friends, it has been a while!  Now I know some of you may think that I was just ignoring this little blog, or maybe some may even think that I had taken a vow of silence…..I assure you that was not the case!

I merely didn’t feel well last week so I didn’t blog.  I wasn’t actually sick or anything just not feeling myself.  I think my body was just exhausted or something.  Anyway work was also super busy which left me with very little breaks for writing.  So I decided to not write.  I spent my few break times just resting 🙂

I mean honestly sometimes it is just best to listen to your body and mind as opposed to carry through with your normal activities.  Now while I took a break from writing, I thankfully continued with my workouts for the most part.  I was able to get in two good runs last week so that is a plus. 

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But I had a fabulous weekend full of fun activities and rest so I am back to my normal routines again!  Friday night kicked off our weekend with a birthday celebration for my brother-n-law…..the weekend just went from there. 

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Saturday morning was spent at the salon for  some much needed hair therapy (color, conditioning, and cut), then I loaded the boys up for a picnic in the park.  It was such a pretty day I couldn’t stay inside….who cares about floors and laundry!

blog photos 057

Saturday night was spent with the girls for a little girl talk at our local wine bar.  We had such a nice time just relaxing and talking.  Then Sunday morning I woke up early to go to church with my bestie and a shopping adventure began after that.  We headed into a “nearby” city for some lunch (PF Changs), Whole foods, and mall action 🙂

Needless to say there was way too much alcohol consumed this past weekend!  It actually started with our wine tasting on Thursday night, some beer for the bday, some been/wine Saturday, and some wine with lunch on Sunday.  I totally need to guzzle water today!

I have more wine/beer to look forward to this weekend as well.  I am hosting my besties bday party and then super bowl.  Needless to say I totally have a plan for next Monday that I will share with you after two weekends of consuming alcohol!  While I do not drink in excess, I do know how even a small amount affects my diet!

This weeks planned menu:

  • Monday – BBQ venison roast (sandwiches for boys) and salad
  • Tuesday – Red Beans & Rice with cornbread & salad/veggies
  • Wednesday – Chicken Salads (not the mayo kind, simply grilled)
  • Thursday – Backstrap w/ gravy, mashed potato/veggies
  • Friday – tilapia, salad, brown rice

Then party foods will be abundant for the rest of the weekend.  Not to worry I do have some healthy alternatives planned such as hummus/veggies, antipasto plate, and some pico de gallo!

As far as activities go the plan is to run on Monday, Wednesday, & Friday with Tuesday/Thursday spent at the gym for weights or class of some sort.  I haven’t been to the gym in about a week so I really need to go to get an updated group class schedule!

Here is to a great week!!

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