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Two for Tuesday

So I have really enjoyed sharing a two for Tuesday with you guys lately.  Motivation is just awesome!  As a person that always looks for motivational things for health/fitness to share with my friends for motivation, I naturally want to share them with my online friends as well.  So in other words expect to see these weekly!!

So who can believe that January is half over?  I mean really??  I just took my tree down people!!

Time surely flies as an adult.  That is unless you are on the treadmill 🙂


It is still rainy and cold here so no outside runs for me.  I was hoping the rain would stop so I could go around campus as usual, that didn’t happen.  So I had to hit the treadmill for my 3 miles, and boy was it brutal!

I hate running on the treadmill!  I mentioned on my facebook page last night that I had to stop several times for a few seconds, then just force myself to do all 3 miles.  I have no idea why it seems so much harder/worse than my usual running?  I can go around the campus without stopping for a brief break with no problem!!

But of course it is worse and motivation is needed.  One of my favorite motivational pics is the one above.  How true is this?  I really hate it when my friends (w/o kiddos, husband, etc) always say they just do not have time to workout!!  I mean hello – I have a full time job, a PRN job, two kids, a husband, a house, a blog…….I MAKE TIME!!!!

I still have days of business when I say I am too busy, don’t get me wrong.  Sometimes life catches up with you, but it is not an excuse I use daily.  I rarely use it even weekly!  Yes there are days that the workouts take a backseat because so much is going on, but who can’t throw some squats in while heating dinner, see how many jumping jacks you can do while waiting for the microwave to beep,  or even do some lunges as you are walking to your bathroom?


Which leads me to this baby!  I found this last night and immediately feel in love with it!  This little chart (yes I am a dork that loves flow charts) will be hanging somewhere, put in my journal, and possibly even on my iPad screen – no excuses!!  Now if this can’t keep you on track then I am not sure what else to do for you 🙂

So get out there, no excuses, do not let business get in the way of your hopes/dreams/goals!!

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