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Songs about rain…..

It’s raining here.  It has been raining here for a week.  I am not kidding, no exaggeration!  RAIN FOR A WEEK!!

Now it’s not only raining but cold too.  I can deal with cold.  I can deal with SOME rain.  I cannot deal with a WEEK of rain and cold at the same time!


Which leaves me with one thing on my mind.  Songs about rain……which is a song as well, so let’s start there:

  • Songs About Rain
  • Rainy Night In GA
  • Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain
  • Set Fire To The Rain
  • Purple Rain
  • Singing In The Rain
  • She’s My Kind of Rain
  • Have You Ever Seen The Rain
  • Blame It On The Rain
  • I Love A Rainy Night
  • Fire and Rain
  • November Rain
  • Here Comes The Rain Again

And that’s just a few!  Oh and yes I realize that I have a some what bizarre – all over the place taste in music.  It’s ok, I like it that way!  It pretty much matches my taste and love of food 🙂

112010 009

Which brings me to this week’s menu!  I haven’t done a lot of shopping lately for veggies, which really makes me sad 😦 

There just isn’t a lot of produce to choose from right now.  Does anyone else have this problem as well?  It saddens me!

  • Monday – Chili & salad
  • Tuesday – Chicken tortilla soup & salad
  • Wednesday – Stroganoff soup &  salad
  • Thursday – Ground beef stew & salad
  • Friday – Baked potato soup (at friends house) & salad

So you picking up on the theme here?  Yep, rainy-cold weather food……….oh and salad 🙂

This weeks workouts are going to be a little sketchy as well.  I hate treadmill running, but I am not so sure the rain will cooperate with some outdoor activity!  But so far here is what I have planned……

  • Monday – 3 mile run
  • Tuesday – arms & elliptical
  • Wednesday – 4 mile run
  • Thursday – legs & treadmill w/ incline
  • Friday –  quick 2 mile run/walk on treadmill
  • Saturday – rest day

I will probably have to do my run on the indoor track today, which can be hard to keep up with.  It is an 1/8 mile track so I have to count laps, and really who wouldn’t get all confused with that mess!  I am praying that I have dry weather for Wednesday.  I really hate to run on the treadmill so I know that four miles on that thing will kill me!!

What is your agenda this week?

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