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Two for Tuesday

This is totally how I feel about running some days.  There are times when I hit the sidewalk only because I make myself.  I really do not want to run, but I always know that once I start I will be happy that I did!

Yesterday I ran three miles, then walked three miles for my workout.  It wasn’t planned that way.  I started out saying I will run two for sure possibly three.  I made myself go past my car at that two mile mark (I run around a university campus that is an even two mile loop, hence the reason I pass my car).  I tell you it is tuff to run past your very own car when working out.  I really need to scope out the subdivisions in the area to come up with a path! 

Yep I pushed on past.  Told myself to keep going to 2.5.  Once I made it there I knew I could easily do the three miles I had planned to do 🙂  I wanted to walk the last mile to cool down, and just to enjoy being out in the nice temps we had.  Then I got a call from my bestie that was headed to do a 2 mile walk around the campus so I tagged along with her for another 2 miles 🙂

And while 6 miles may have started out seeming like a pain in the ass it wasn’t, and it will give me a nice ass to boot, lol!!

I sent this to a friend yesterday that I am helping out in the health/fitness department.  One of my besties will be getting married in June and of course she wants to look her best for the big day.  So she asked me about a food plan, and I jumped at the chance to help someone out.  I have given her plans, ideas, suggestions, printouts, you name it.  We were talking about how we both have a sweet tooth, and how we can say no to sweets easily; however, once we do give in and take one cookie off the plate we feel like we have to eat more.  That is how sugar is to a lot of people I know.  I myself can only do desserts and such in moderation when I purchase at a meal, or perhaps a yogurt treat.  I very seldom buy something to make at home for the simple fact that once I take the first bite I will continue to eat a little here and there until it’s gone. 

Which lead us to discussing how we are guilty of using food to cope with boredom and emotions at times.  I know I am guilty of this!  I think a lot of people have this problem without even realizing it.  So when I saw the above quote I knew I had to share it with everyone I know!

What are some of your favorite motivational quotes?

7 thoughts on “Two for Tuesday”

  1. I just wanted to tell you Helen that I am so proud of you Helen, look at how far you have come, a year ago even were you here, were you going those 6 miles? Rock on and thanks for the inspiration while I am yelling at my danm knee on my treadmill! You have no idea what your words may do, even if someone doesn’t always says it–thank you!


      1. Awww thanks Helen, it is what it is, I am learning to live with it and move on…it didn’t keep me down before, I am not going to let it keep me down now! 🙂

        Rock on Sister, you are doing amazing!!!!! Can’t wait to see what all you can do!!!!


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