2013 – Let’s Do This!


I am sure that many of you, like me, have put a lot of thought into what you would like to accomplish in 2013. There are so many things that I want to do, and I could only wish that I would have the time and financials to accomplish them all at one time just to have things done. This time of year is always one of the hardest for me!
To put it simply, I can't control (to an extent) what is ahead, I can't do all the things I want at once, and I have to give in to the situations. This is not easy for an OCD person such as myself.
But no matter how anxious some of these things make me feel I always strive to start and have a great year! Which is why I put a lot of thought into my goals!
So this year I decided to start things of on the right, um the left, ok both feet!! What you guys do not buy yourself a New Years treat?? I normally do not either, but I am way past due on new shoes for running/workouts, and I knew I would need them for my goals!

First let's take a look at last years to see how I did!

  1. Save money – didn't really stash any extra into savings account, but I did get some debts paid off early so to me that is saving! NO MORE CAR NOTE 🙂
  2. More me time – I really accomplished this goal!! I have adopted the habit of making time to hang with the girls a few times a month to just vent, relax, have fun, etc,
  3. Finish house decor – did not happen! Now don't get me wrong I did add t the house, but it is by far not finished!!
  4. Run a 5k – happily accomplished this one! I set this goal last year to get myself back into running again, and while it took me half the year to really start this consistently I am so happy it was done!
  5. Yoga – did not happen! Sadly I have yet to try yoga class 😦


Well in my opinion 3/5 is a great accomplishment! I am proud of all the things I was able to accomplish last year, and I have to admit it was one of my best years in all areas of my life!! So now I am ready to tackle 2013!!

So here we go, my goals for the year ahead. I have decided to try a different strategy to what goals I want to work on. I want to work on goals in several areas that I feel are the most important. So I have broken them into four categories: finance, health, something I want to accomplish, and a personal goal just simply because it makes me feel happy!

  1. Financial – save money. Yep I know I had this one last year, but this year I have an actual number in mind for amount I want to put into our account for 2013.
  2. Health – as opposed to a specific form of exercise or eating plan I would like to target overall health. Meaning I need to work on my stress issues and have variety. I am the type that stresses out easily, and I tend to let things affect me to much. So I need to get this under control. Meaning to have variety in workouts, foods, and general health areas. Some things I have in mind for this is to try different types of exercise (yoga, Zumba, cycling, etc), see a chiropractor, and focus on relaxing more.
  3. Accomplishment goal – this goal was probably the hardest to really think about because all goals are basically an accomplishment. This is pretty much an open area that can be anything, but since my goal is very specific for something I want to physically accomplish I decided to have the category! So my goal is to run 4 (yep) races, one of which has to be a 10k. That is one race for each quarter to keep me motivated to participate in more group activities!
  4. Personal goal – this one is something I want to accomplish simply because I want to. It is something I have had in the back of my mind for a while now, and I know I want to do this. So first and foremost is to become a fit fluential ambassador! Several of you guys, my blogging buds, are ambassadors which is so inspiring to me. Since I have decided to really focus on fitness this year, I knew this would be the perfect personal accomplishment for me! The other part of this goal is to set a small personal monthly goal for each month. This is just something small that you would want to do within that month.

So for January my goal is to start my mornings with a daily devotional. I use to do this in the evenings, and I stopped after about two months. Now while I still like to end my day with the word of God, I know to start my day would be awesome as well!

So there it is! My goals written in lack and white in order to help me stay accountable! Oh and I really need to get some new workout items (hence the shoes) so any favorite brands, items, suggestions are appreciated!

Here is to 2013!!!!


4 thoughts on “2013 – Let’s Do This!”

  1. You are so on the right track! I really want to save money too. We have too many car payments. It annoys me. I think more “you” time is a goal everyone should have. I’ve been doing it a lot more and I feel less stressed and able to be a better mom.

    1. Honestly this is the first time in my life that I haven’t had a car note!! Which is why I am determined to keep this one a while so we can get some money in savings.

      Giving myself me time has really helped all areas of my life! It has made me a better person at work, better mother, wife, and friend 🙂

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