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Throwback Thursday

Today’s throwback Thursday is going to be a little different that the usual ones I post.  Instead of giving you some pics from past memories I am going to share with you a transformation of something old into something new.  Basically it’s and out with the old in with the new type of post.  Oh and it is a video as well 🙂

blog photos 050

Please excuse the editing, I am still really new at this.  I also want to apologize for constantly calling the primer by it’s brand name Kilz, I finally realized that I kept saying the brand name and switched to the word primer.  I also called the window frame that is hanging a picture frame, lol!!  We had intentions of turning it into a picture frame, but then I nixed the idea and decided to leave it as is for decor.  It is from a very, very old house 🙂

I didn’t turn this into a tutorial type video since most of us are familiar with how to actually apply paint to an object.  Even if you have never painted anything before you still should know how to hold the brush and brush the paint on.  I basically wanted to journal the transformation  so to speak.  Hope you enjoy the video, and as always please leave some feedback in the comment section.  Don’t forget to subscribe to the channel on youtube!

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