How plans can change

So I had so much planned for this week.  I was going to finish all Christmas preparation at my house, film a few videos for the blog, start working on decor and such for my tacky Christmas party this weekend, and work on my YouTube channel to get the page looking like I want it. 

Yeah then this happened!  That’s right, everyone (ok minus the hubster) in my house is sick 😦

The boys and I all have stuffy noses, coughing, fever, headaches, etc.  It sucks!  We have all had flu shots so no it is not that.  According to the doc it is a viral thing that mimics the flu symptoms and lasts about 3-4 days. 

I do not have 3-4 days to spare to sickness!!  So instead of my lovely videos this week you will get plain old posts.  Since I am sure no one wants to see or hear me when I am sick 😦

  blog photos 037        

Today I would like to go over a great idea for Christmas gifts for the diva in your life.  Maybe you are the diva in your life, and if that is the case then by all means treat yourself!

blog photos 036

I love all things makeup.  Of course I am sure some of you have figured that out by now.  Not only do I love makeup, but I also love makeup brushes!  If you have never used brushes to apply your makeup oh boy are you missing out!  Way better than those crappy little sponge brushes that come in makeup kits. 

Now I have several sets of makeup brushes ranging form high end pricey ones to your old Wal-Mart special.  So today I am going to talk to you about my most favorite of all.  I found out about these little gems in the blog world, and they have forever changed  my life become my favorite brushes to use.

blog photos 038

Sigma brushes are easy to use, high quality, affordable makeup brushes.  That’s right I said affordable!  Which of course is super important when it comes to this time of the year, you know with all the shopping one has to do.

Below are some of my favorite brushes by Sigma that I use on a daily basis regardless of the makeup look I am trying to create.  They are my go to brushes for daily use, but I also use them for more dramatic looks such as date nights.

blog photos 046blog photos 039

blog photos 040blog photos 041

blog photos 043blog photos 044

In the line up are brushes that I use for foundation, powder, eye shadows, and an eye liner brush.  The duo fibre is perfect for flawless foundation application, and the powder brush is so big and fluffy that you don’t want to stop using it!  I have found that all of the Sigma brushes are very soft to the touch, easy to handle, and provide you with easy application of makeup products, and this month the company is offering a 10% discount for all of my readers when you use the code DEC2012 at check out! 

So head on over to Sigma Beauty to look at the great merchandise they have to offer! 

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