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Menu Monday

Wow that week went by fast!  Now we are all fully engrossed in the Christmas season 🙂

Which just happens to be my favorite season and holiday.  I love this time of year.  Of course I could stand a little colder temps here, but even with the warm temperatures I love this time of year.

This week is going to be full of some of my favorite “winter” foods, as well as one night of the hubster’s choices.

  • Monday – hungarian stew, steamed veggies
  • Tuesday – “fried” back strap (venison), mashed potatoes & gravy, “fried” plantains & merletons
  • Wednesday – fiesta chicken soup
  • Thursday – leftovers (hubster leaves for camp)
  • Friday – leftovers/salad
  • Saturday – who knows it’s just me and the kiddos!
  • Sunday – chicken & dumplings for my  man!!

Lot’s of winter foods headed my way! 

On another note we had Thanksgiving dinner with my hubster’s family last night.  Or at least the other half of his family.  For those of you that are newer readers, his parent’s divorced when he was a babe, and both of them remarried.  So we had dinner with his siblings and step-mother (we lost his dad last May).  It was very nice to have a second dinner!

But on that note my assigned dish was dessert.  As you know I have been mainly gluten free for a couple of months now, so naturally I wanted to make my dessert gluten free so I didn’t feel miserable for the next few days.  Did.  Not.  Happen!

I hate gluten free all purpose flour!  Like really, really dislike it.  Well you know it tastes like beans.  I DO NOT want my desserts to taste like beans.  Oh and I do not care how many times you try to convince me that using beans/bean flours in your recipes are great without the bean taste.  If all the sugar in yesterday’s recipe didn’t camouflage that flavor nothing will!  So I chunked it and used regular all purpose flour.  I will feel bloated and nasty after this past weeks eating for the next two weeks I am sure. 

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