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When the braces came off

Wow it is already Wednesday!  For some reason this week is just flying by.  I have so much to do at work before leaving for the holidays, and I am not so sure it will be accomplished!

Peas and Crayons

But first we have to cover our weekly What I Ate Wednesday.  Cause you know that is more important that a little work at the moment, lol!!

blog photos 092

So since this week contained a very big, happy day for me I have to share what I ate on said day.  As you should know by now the braces came off Monday.  Yes I will be talking about this all week, maybe even into next week, I mean when you wear the darn things for three years that is a big deal!

 blog photos 090 blog photos 091 

Breakfast:  acorn squash stuffed w/ground pork, pears, and almonds…..deconstructed style!  I made the stuffed squash for dinner on Sunday so opted for the leftovers for breakfast 🙂

blog photos 093

Lunch:  blue cheese burger & fries.  Yep, totally not gluten free.  Yep, totally made me feel like crap later.  Nope, I didn’t care.  Now I am sure that you guys are probably thinking why on earth choose a burger when your braces come off?  Have you ever seen someone with braces attempt to eat a burger?  In the words of my country folk here in Louisiana – it ain’t pretty!!  I haven’t ordered and eaten a burger in a public place for three years people.  So to me this was a big deal!  Since no gluten free options are available in my area I sucked it up and dealt with the misery.  Best. Burger. Ever!!!

blog photos 094  blog photos 095

Dinner:  baked pork chop, roasted sweet potatoes, and a loaded salad w/ homemade balsamic vinaigrette.  So flavorful and yummy 🙂

Of course there have also been some snacking in between like whole almonds, an apple (eaten whole not sliced), and the such.  Luckily for you (and me) I do not have any photos of me eating an apple.  I am sure a huge apple stuffed in your mouth for a big bite is not the most attractive of pictures 🙂

blog photos 087

In other big news this week look what came in the mail!  Yep, that’ right – my car title!!  I was so excited I had to photograph it.  Of course I posted this pic on instagram so if you follow me then you already know about this.  If you do not follow me……..what are you waiting for!!  I love to see everyone’s instagram pics!!

blog photos 097

AND one more for my happiness!!!  Thanks Jenn for hosting another great party……..Have a great Wednesday friends!


12 thoughts on “When the braces came off”

  1. YOU ARE SO BEAUTIFUL!!!! and congrats on the no braces. You must’ve felt amazing. I LOVE all the food you treated yourself to.

    I love love love roasted Swt potatoes. YUM! this also made me really crave beets! YUM!

  2. mmm i love sweet potatoes!
    Yay about your braces coming off! That is soooo exciting! How slippery do your teeth feel hey?!?!? lol
    I remember when i got mine off I couldn’t stop rubbing my tongue over my teeth to feel them!!!!!!

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