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11/5/12 weekly menu

Good morning my friends?  How was your weekend?  Mine was totally awesome!  If you follow me on facebook or instagram then you already know what went down this weekend.  If you do not – well you should follow me on instagram.  Facebook is my personal page so it is not available to all.

As for the rest of you I will have a recap tomorrow on the weekend.  I know weekend recaps are suppose to usually happen on a Monday, but for this week Tuesday is a better fit.  You will have to just trust me on this 🙂

Oh and today is field trip day so I only have a few minutes before we have to prepare for that.  What a lovely way to start the week off right?  I will be on a field trip with my little one today, tomorrow is a conference day for the parish so the students have the day off.  Yes I have to come to work, but with no students to have to worry about I should be able to get some things caught up!  Plus tomorrow is a special day anyway, oh and it’s election day so remember to go vote!

Helen, Naturally’s Weekly Menu:

  • Monday – vegetable chili
  • Tuesday – possibly sushi if not then a salad
  • Wednesday – pear and pork stuffed acorn squash with broccoli salad (EP)
  • Thursday – Mustard glazed chicken & no potato salad
  • Friday – probably leftovers or an easy night such as breakfast

I know things are a little unorthodox this week, but the boys (yes hubster is included in this group) will be gone Monday night and will not return until about 7 or so Tuesday night.  So it will be a “break” night as far as cooking goes.  For this reason I opted to not do a weekly cook up yesterday.  Well that and the chili is leftover from last night, the chicken is to be grilled so has to be cooked on Thursday, which only leaves the squash left.  I am going to work on that dish tonight while the boys are gone.  I am making the stuffing then finishing it off on Wednesday.

So that is the plan for the week.  That and to get my runs in.  I didn’t get them in last week for various reasons.  All of which I really can’t excuse at this moment, but last week was really horrible so maybe a break was needed for my mental stability.  So today it will be easy two miles!

Have a fab week!!

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