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Halloween Recap

First of all let me tell you guys that I have had the craziest past two days!  I will not even bore you with all of the work issues except for the computer problems. 

As I stated previously they are switching out work programs over from Novell to Microsoft, so all computers had to be changed this week.  Well wouldn’t you know mine would have to be reimaged!  Which means I lost all content on the computer.  Most everything was backed up so I am thankful for that, but I lost most all of my Disney pictures 😦

Seems that the disc that I had them saved to is not functioning so now I can’t get my pics!  Oh and I had to add everything back to my favorites, add windows live writer, etc.  Hence the reason for no posts this week!

Today I am spending the entire day in a data gathering meeting, so I am giving you guys a quick recap of Halloween activities.


Picture 050 Picture 002 Picture 012 Picture 018 Picture 020 Picture 023 Picture 026 Picture 034 Picture 037 Picture 039 Picture 048 Picture 049


blog photos 030 blog photos 031 blog photos 032 blog photos 033 blog photos 034 blog photos 035 blog photos 036 blog photos 037 blog photos 038 blog photos 039 blog photos 040


Hope you all had a wonderful Hallow’s Eve 🙂

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