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Two for Tuesday

I have realized that not only am I slacking in my posting lately, I am also slacking in my content!  When you start a new journey in life it is so easy to get caught up in that area and leave out the rest.

Like with the whole Paleo diet.  I really want to journal (which is basically what a blog is right?) my experience and journey with that plan.  I want to be able to look back and see where changes occurred, how successful something may or may not have been, things that trigger “falling off the wagon” as many people say.  So of course in order to do that one must journal. 

That doesn’t mean that I have to leave out other areas of my life.  After all I have many things that I love, do, experience on a weekly basis.  Like the fact that I have yet to complete week one of my 10K training plan.  I know horrible right?  Now I have been running.  I just never seem to get that third day’s run in every week.  Well ok for the past three weeks anyway.  The first week I had to be at work on the day for run 3 for math night.  The second week was Disney, and the third week was just pure exhaustion )(from Disney), and a minor muscle problem in my lower back.  So naturally I decided to take it easy!

But this week I am determined to get that third day in!  Yesterday was day one, Wednesday is day two, which means Friday will be day three.  Oh and since I really do not have anything on my schedule for Friday – there is NO EXCUSE!!

I will run on Friday.  As a matter of fact I have a reminder in my phone that simply says no excuses, and to really hold myself accountable I will tweet my run.  So hold me to it ladies and gents 🙂

Lani Cashmere Hoodie - Club Monaco Cashmere - Club Monaco

Take two – yeah I did say two for Tuesday didn’t I!  How to add a little color or print (or both) to a work outfit.  I often purchase very versatile pieces of clothing.  Well with the exception of summer and leather leggings………

new camera 144  (wow my hair is so dark!)

Any who I tend to buy things that I can wear out as well as to work.  It all depends on the accessories.  I have a lovely little accessories post here if you would like to read it.  In the photo above (sorry for the quality my photographer was 10) I have on a leopard print dress that I wore last New Years. 

new camera 143

Paired with leggings, ankle boots, red lips it was the perfect outfit for night.  Of course I do not want to only wear it when I go out so I have to play around with things.  I have used the same dress as is with flats for a day out look.  I have paired it with boots for a dinner date, and I have it on today as above in the pic.


With fall here it is so easy to dress up/down anything with jackets/blazers.  I have it paired with a black blazer and heels today (cuz I have a meeting), and to add a little color to the day I added my new purse (more on this later) in a lovely turquoise color 🙂

So you see it is very easy to really change the look with your accessories.  I plan to do more of these type posts since I have several things that are very versatile.  I hope you enjoy the tips/tricks as mush as I do.  I love to read fashion blogs as well, and I am always excited when I pic up a new idea from them 🙂

4 thoughts on “Two for Tuesday”

  1. Love the dress – very on trend 😉 and I love blazers with anything!!!! I also think it’s a nice idea to use your blog as a journal – who would’ve thought 😉 and maybe I’ll do the same as my eating isn’t as great as the way it was heading, but it’s not as bad as it once was…..but I’d like to see the triggers too.

    Nice post xo

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