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The fab (and not so fab) parts of the weekend

Happy Monday morning to all of you!!  I know it seems super odd that I am so chipper on a Monday but I am.  You see this is a short week for me.  As well as next week.  I only have to work four ok 3.5 days this week.  The other half on Thursday will be spent in a staffing 🙂

This news has surely put me in such a chipper mood.  As well as other news.  Some I will give you today.  Some you will get later in the week.  I know I am such a tease!!

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The weekend started off fabulous with a lovely wake up call at 5:30 Saturday morn so I could go in and work at the nursing home.  You guys can just feel the sarcasm dripping off of me at this point right?  So I did my few hours there, ran some errands, picked up groceries, and headed back home in time to watch  my tigers lose their first regular season game in 19 games!  Yeah so Saturday didn’t go so great……until I hopped into Target to snatch up my first pumpkin spiced latte of the season!!

new camera 006

I tell you that made waking up at 5:30 so worth it.  That and the fact that I did forgo pizza and dessert this weekend just for that lovely little drink, but my body is surely thanking me today.  I’ll get to that soon.  Next came boiled crabs at the neighbors!

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Then Sunday my body wakes up at…….wait for it…….5 friggin 30!!  Yep you read right.  The only day I have to sleep in for the weekend and I wake up!  But all is not lost.  Oh no.  If you follow me on twitter then you noticed that I posted about the fab weather here, and the fabulous run I was able to do outdoors Sunday morn in such fab temps 🙂

After a great run I came home, cleaned the floors, did some laundry, packed up some things, and then hit the kitchen.  This is just a glimpse at what the kitchen looks like on Sundays.  After I have cleaned most of it of course!

   new camera 009

As you know I have posted about my menu/grocery strategies in the pass.  Due to only being paid once a month I have to stock up on groceries, which means I need to plan meals for the month.  You can read more about that in this post and this post.

Now even with all the planning life was still hectic.  I was still making multiple trips to the grocery store during the month for various things.  I had to get things more balanced.  So I started using a print out of a weekly menu.  Now I still fill our the weekly menus for the entire month so I can budget, but this allows me to make a monthly grocery list for items that I can stock in the pantry, as well as a weekly list for things needed on that weeks menu such as produce, dairy, etc.  So I go to the grocery/produce stand every week to stock up on fresh produce, eggs, milk, etc. 

 new camera 010

You see I have started doing what I call a weekly cook up on Sunday’s.  It is fabulous.  It makes life so much easier for the working woman.  My sanity thanks me.  I set up my counter with my laptop so I can access my cook books (kindle for pc, love!), my appliances needed, and many bowls, pots, pans, etc.  I literally cook and prep my meals for the entire week! 

Here is how the weekly cook up goes down:

  • wash, dry, and chop all vegetables needed for the week. 
  • steam, saute, or roast any vegetables to be used for the week.
  • brown ground meat, grill chicken, prepare any meat to be cooked for the weekly menu.
  • prepare any sauces, dressings, etc.
  • any soups, stews, or casseroles are pre-cooked and stored in fridge.

So as you can tell I literally do everything on Sunday.  With the exception of delicate produce such as tomatoes, mushrooms, etc.  I partially steam any veggies that are going to go into my “hot plate” (more on this later) so that when I reheat it they are cooked perfectly and not mush. 

 new camera 014

This strategy really helps with time constraints during the week.  I no longer find myself in the kitchen until eight at night or later.  All I have to do when I get home is re-heat any dish to be served, throw together a salad if it is needed, and pop the hubster some bread in the oven.  Easy peasy!!

This weeks menu

  • Monday:  hamburgers & roasted beets
  • Tuesday:  Italian sausage and eggplant strata (WF) w/ salad
  • Wednesday:  Curry chicken hot plate w/ cauli-rice (WF)
  • Thursday:  Italian antipasto salad plate (WF)
  • Friday:  dinner out

(WF) = Well Fed cookbook

So for this weeks cook up I roasted beets and sweet potatoes (although not on menu I needed to cook them and they will be used for lunches/breakfasts through out the week), steam sautéed zucchini and yellow squash, grilled chicken breast, made the hamburger patties, cooked the sausage and eggplant casserole, made cauli-rice, washed and chopped all produce for salad, and baked a “pumpkin pie” (coming up soon)!

As I stated above the only things that need to be done in the evenings is to heat up the dishes, put together the salads, and cook some bread for the hubster.  So what prompted me to start this?  Well I had heard of cooking foods for the week ahead when I started my clean eating journey years ago, but I really never gave it much thought.  That is until I read the Well Fed book.  I love, love, love this cookbook.  The author also has a blog that can be found at

In her book she talks in detail about her weekly cook up and meal planning.  So I can’t really take credit for this brilliant idea, but I am so glad that I have started this tradition.  I came across the book after starting the Paleo diet since I needed to gain knowledge, and who can’t use more recipes in their repertoire??

 new camera 016

And finally on a sad noted this weekend, I have discovered that gluten is a culprit for me 😦  The neighbor sent us home with some boiled crabs, and my hubster was so wanting a huge pot of gumbo.  Being the wonderful wife that I am I decided to make him a gumbo.  I had to use regular flour since I didn’t have anything else.  I have been on the diet for three weeks now, and decided that trying to add back one thing a little at a time this week wouldn’t be so bad.  Starting with a gumbo roux made with flour and canola oil (which is not on the paleo plan but oh well a little cheat is always a good thing).  I was so excited to dive into my yummy bowl.  I even kept it paleoish by using cauli-rice as opposed to regular rice (which I love cauli-rice by the way).  Only to have bloating, discomfort, and a not so happy tummy a little later.  So I am pretty sure at this point that my digestive system is sensitive to gluten.  I can’t promise that I will never splurge on a gluten treat (since it doesn’t put me in bed sick), but I am definitely going to avoid it as much as I can!

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