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Hello October!

What does October mean for you guys?  Here in Louisiana it means that our temps finally fall below the 90’s, at least for the most part.  We will still have some 88-89’s and the occasional 90 temps, but for the most part we will be able to at least breathe when we walk outside.


This also means fall decorating, fall cooking, and fall smells!  I can’t wait to light my first fall candle, sink my teeth into even more pumpkin creations, and start setting out the pumpkins and mums 🙂

   blog photos 1068  

pumpkin pancakes w/ coconut butter

I have been eating all things pumpkin and sweet potato here lately.  I can’t wait to get my huge box of sweet potatoes from my dad, it is a treat I look forward to every year.  You know the ones I’m talking about.  The box that ways a ton, and also has potatoes the size of your foot in them 🙂

blog photos 1067

Oh and honey crisp…..oh how I love honey crisp!  I can’t seem to get enough of any of those three things.  I promise I eat each in some form everyday.  This is my recent dessert I have every night, apple slices w/ cinnamon and freshly ground almond butter from Whole Foods.

 blog photos 1066

sweet potato and sausage hash w/ egg

Then on to soups and stews.  Oh and gumbo, I can’t wait for a bowl of gumbo!  Sadly without the rice, but I am sure I can improvise.  I am all about fall/winter cooking.  Soups and stews are so easy, versatile, and filling.


baked sweet potato w/ vegetable chili

I also can’t wait to enjoy my warm afternoon cups of tea.  I love to drink tea/coffee in the afternoons if I get a chance.  I try to shy away from the coffees as often as I can so I am not getting in to much caffeine to late in the day, but if I know I will be up for a while I surely enjoy a cup.  I have a passion for iced coffees, but I can’t wait to enjoy hot mugs in the afternoons.

 blog photos 1069

Which brings me to the wonderful samples I received this past weekend.  Dandy Blend sent me a few sample packs of their product to try out.  I am totally in love with them.  It really does taste like coffee, and it doesn’t have the caffeine that a mug of coffee has.  Now I can enjoy my coffee even if I have to go to bed early for work the next day 🙂

 blog photos 1070

This product is totally a must have for any of you that need to kick the caffeine but are total coffee addicts like me 🙂 

  • rich, full-bodied taste of coffee
  • no caffeine, acidity, or bitterness
  • gluten-free
  • the only instant beverage containing dandelion root

I can’t wait to order a full size bag.  You can make the drink in the strength that you desire.  For more information on the product visit the website here.  I promise you will not be disappointed!!


And in keeping up with Jenn’s theme to fall into good habits I am kicking it up a notch with physical activity/exercise………


I have decided to give the marathon idea some serious consideration.  So much so that we have decided to give it a try.  We are starting with a 10K training plan, then moving on to a half marathon plan, and then after that if we feel that we can really make it through the full race we will start on the marathon plan.  On the upside they do offer a 10K that runs parallel to the marathon that morning so we can still participate 🙂

So if you have any advice, tips, ideas, or just some great blogs on running please share them with me!!

Can’t wait to see where this adventure takes me, now head on over to Jenn’s to check out more WIAW posts 🙂


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