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Knowledge is power

If we value the pursuit of knowledge, we must be free to follow wherever that search may lead us…….

What made me think of this quote?  Simply the fact that I have been reading so much lately.  As you know I have been researching and absorbing lots of information.  This made me realize how powerful you feel when you are equipped with knowledge.  I can honestly and confidently answer many questions on various topics simply because I did the research. 


I didn’t have a personal trainer.  I didn’t have nutrition coach.  I simply decided to make a change, hit the web/books and gained knowledge on many things health related.  Am I an expert in diet and exercise?  Heck no!  Nor do I ever expect to be, but I have empowered myself with knowledge.

I hope to encourage others to seek the power of knowledge.  I pray that my kids will develop this habit.  So if you haven’t picked up a good book or an article lately then I challenge you to do so today!  Then come back here and tell me what knowledge you have gained by this challenge.  I will be waiting to learn some new tidbits from you guys 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Knowledge is power”

  1. Loved this post Helen. You’re sooooooo right. It’s all about knowledge. It’s funny, but just yesterday someone was asking me weight loss tips (they didnt want to hear my answers, which was fine) but the funny thing is, is how I used to be there, counting calories, thinking oh well, I’ll just deprive myself of this or that when in fact you just need to adjust small things, learn more and make changes that make you feel good. I think you are already inspiring 🙂

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