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Out of the box

As many of you know I am a little OCD.  Which means I feel like I have to control everything.  In which I do mostly control all aspects of my life.   Well at least as many as I can.

So of course thinking out of the box is something that I take seriously.  I  mean often you have to think our of the box in my field of work.  You have to think  out of the box to control certain situation.

Which brings me to today’s post.  I have learned to think out of the box when it comes to the foods I choose for my body.  In my OCD efforts to control my body I have embraced new knowledge, learned to accept things I can and cannot have, and just enjoy food again!

     blog photos 1060   

breakfast:  blueberry sausage stuffed sweet potato w/ scrambled eggs

blog photos 1061

I have learned to embrace food as food.  Let me explain a little more.  I am learning to not label food as a breakfast, lunch, or dinner food.  it is just good, nutritious food that my body craves.  This is leading me to eat many foods that the norm would consider a dinner food for breakfast.  Such as sweet potatoes, grilled chicken, etc.  Breakfast doesn’t always have to be eggs, pancakes, and such.  Throw in some scrambled venison sausage and blueberries with coconut oil on top of a sweet potato and I call that the best breakfast discovery I have made lately!  You can find the post and recipe here.

blog photos 1057

lunch:  taco “hot plate”/salad combo

In my endeavor to learn more about the paleo diet/lifestyle I have obviously purchased a few recipe books, done some internet research, and started checking out new blogs dedicated to the diet/lifestyle.  Which has given me new recipes and ideas.  Like the “hot plate” idea.  Which is genius, I mean why didn’t I think of this myself!  To read more about hot plates see the book Well Fed.  Basically you cook a couple pounds of ground meat/grilled chicken, saute the ground meat with some onions/garlic, partially steam some veggies (such as peppers, cabbage, broccoli, etc) and throw in the fridge for late use.  When you are ready to assemble your hot plate you throw the veggies and meat in a pan with a little coconut oil to re-heat, add the seasonings of choice, then dig in and enjoy.  I made a taco flavored hot plate with ground meat, tomatoes, peppers, seasoning, and then my craving for salad hit so I plopped in on top of a bed of romaine!

blog photos 1058

Salad was topped of with a homemade mayo (which came out a little thin) from the same recipe book.  It was my first attempt at this so it is  more like a dressing as opposed to an actual spread.  I am enjoying it in that very way!

blog photos 1062

dinner:  Moroccan meatballs w/ cauliflower pilaf

blog photos 1063blog photos 1064

If you follow me on twitter then you noticed my pics of last nights dinner.  Phenomenal!!  This recipe came for Well Fed (can you ell I am in love with this book).  I had no idea you could use cauliflower as rice!  I have seen it used as a sub for mashed potatoes before but never rice.  I really enjoyed this dish.  It was very flavorful, easy to put together, and perfect for a family meal.

blog photos 1059

Now every girl has a desire for the oldies but goodies occasionally.  As well as a little something sweet, so naturally some banana soft serve was a must 🙂

Peas and Crayons

I must say I am doing well, feeling great, and having fun with everything I am learning.  I have really embraced falling into good habits.  Now head on over to Jenn’s blog to see what others are up to with food and fun!

Happy Wednesday!!


7 thoughts on “Out of the box”

  1. I’ve forgotten all about banana soft serve until this post. Thank you for the little reminder just how amazing it is 🙂

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