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Gadgets and such…..

So it is another hot day here at work for me 😦  Such a horrible way to start a week, hopefully fingers crossed they will have someone out here today to fix the air conditioning (or so we are told)!

On the bright side I only have a three day work week.  I have a conference in Baton Rouge on Thursday & Friday for my continuing education units.  I am hoping to attend some really great seminars this year!

The weekend was pretty busy for me, but it was a fun and exciting one!  Friday night I made the dreaded big grocery trip.  It is always a daunting task considering that I spend a minimum of two hours in a store!  I know it sounds crazy, but I have to shop for the month since that is how my payroll is issued.  The short version is that I stock the pantry/fridge with all things needed for a month, then make weekly trips for produce & dairy.

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Saturday the boys had to go have the annual flu shots (they were not happy), and then the hubster and I headed in to Baton Rouge to attend a sales presentation for a membership to Direct Buy.  While they made it sound fabulous, it wasn’t $5,000.00 worth of fabulous!  But on the bright side we did get a free 7” nova tablet and 2 $100 dollar restaurant cards 🙂

Free food and free technology (even if it is remanufactured) I’ll take it!  Of course the tables doesn’t seem very functional for me, but the boys really enjoy playing games on it.  The fact that it will keep then occupied when needed is worth it!

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Saturday night was spent with friends to watch the LSU game, and then a night out on the town.  The plan was to attend an event known as party in the pasture (hence the boots), but it was totally dead this year.  Not what it use to be, so we left and went to a local  pub.  Now I must tell you that I think I have an ID on one of the culprits with my dietary issues.  Gluten!  I wasn’t planning on drinking since I am trying out the paleo diet to help determine some of my digestive issues.  Well I found gluten free beer in our local store and guess what?  No bloating!

I would normally weigh 3-4 lbs. more a morning after drinking from being bloated/water retention, etc.  Not this time.  I stepped on the scale Sunday morn and weighed the same as I did Saturday 🙂

Sunday was spent running several errands in town.  I had to search to find uniform pants for the boys since cooler weather is right around the corner.  I had to go to four different stores before I could find a pair.  Then my adventures led me to Best Buy, which then led me to the AT&T store.  Temptation was too much, I had to upgrade to the iPhone 4s!

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Now that may not be a big deal to some since the 5 just came out and is all the rave, but to a girl that was still packing the original iPhone 3, it is moving way up!  I am the type of person to hold on to a phone until I just absolutely have to upgrade.  My old phone was starting to lock up on me, the power button wasn’t working, and the phone would freeze on a screen leaving me unable to use the phone until someone called.  I have spent several afternoons waiting for the hubster to get home just to call my phone.  I think you will agree that it was time for a new one!

The rest of the afternoon was spent with food prep/cooking for the week.  I have started doing this recently, which is saving lots of time during the week.  I will have a more in detail post on this tomorrow.  Have a happy Monday, oh and remember to keep your fingers crossed for my air conditioner!!

What fun things did you do this weekend?

How often do you upgrade your phone?   Do you have to have the current technology devices when they are released?

6 thoughts on “Gadgets and such…..”

    1. It is mainly bloating, water retention, gas issues. I would have a feeling of being overly stuffed even if the portion wasn’t big, sometimes stomach cramps. It is so weird to me how my weight fluctuates by what I consume, I have no explanation for it. The only thing I can tell you would be to do like I am with cutting out foods for couple weeks then trying to add them back one at a time.

  1. We still have the iPhone 3GS and as much as I want to upgrade I can’t justify it yet – unless a crappy camera is enough justification 🙂

    Happy you are having results with the switch in your diet!

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