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What’s a girl to do…..

So I have been doing very well on the whole paleo diet this week.  Following the plan precisely, buying/cooking the appropriate foods, filling my body with wholesome goodness…………..or so I thought!

Let me back up a minute and reiterate that the purpose of me following this diet for a few weeks is to determine if I have some sensitivities to specific foods like gluten, dairy, etc.  I do miss many healthy foods I enjoy, and I am hoping to incorporate them occasionally into my diet again.  One of the main things to remember when following this plan is to eliminate all sugars.  Yep, that’s right at first all including natural sugars such as honey & maple syrup.  The only form of natural sugar approved on the plan would be fruits. 

I was under the impression that I was doing fabulous with this until I read the label for my almond butter (cuz peanuts are not allowed on the plan since it is actually a legume).  Yep you read right!  I hate when that happens.  You see I have never really purchased a jar of almond butter before.  I  know to check labels, but this brand was the only one available in my grocery store so I bought it.  It has sugar 😦

Then I decided the other night I was in the mood for roasted butternut squash and asparagus.  Sounds great right?  Yep, it is.  Along with pork chops per the hubster’s request.  So I gladly grilled and roasted the food with some lemon pepper for dinner.  It was delish.  Until I realized that sugar in one of the ingredients on the lemon pepper seasoning that I have.  The bottle that I just purchased a month ago!   

I am happy to report that I have still had phenomenal results even with the few mishaps on the plan.  I have noticed that the tummy feels better, I have dropped several pounds from all the water retention/digestive issues I was having, and other than a crazy cold/allergy issue this week I am feeling pretty good.  So I decided last night I was going to finish the jar of almond butter before buying anymore, since I do not like to waste food, and as for the lemon pepper…..well I will use that as well.  We seldom do lemon pepper so I know occasional use will not hurt a thing 🙂


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