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WIAW: as a paleo

Greetings friends, how is your week going?  Mine….well it could be better.  Like we could have our air conditioning working at the office (going on 3 weeks with no air in LA)

But on the bright side we have a “cool front” blowing through right now!  It was awesome to wake up to the mid 60’s this morn 🙂

So in a previous post last week I talked about some diet issues, as well as the temptation to run in a marathon.  So what was my decision?  Well as you can tell from the title I did decide to clean up the diet a bit.  I talked about the Whole30  program, which is basically a paleo type diet with the exception of a few minor differences (such as some paleo followers use dairy), and how skeptical I was to follow the plan due to the restrictions of no grains/dairy/legumes.  Well I have researched the paleo diets, ordered and now reading some books, as well as checking out some various blogs only to discover that most of the foods I eat are okay following the plan.  I only had to give up oats & dairy. 

Which I thought would be super hard but so far so good!  Well except the whole yogurt thing.  I do miss my yogurt.  What made me decide to do this?  Well as you know I had a super fun girl’s beach trip this past weekend.  Too much alcohol, too much fast food, to much laziness left me coming home 5lbs heavier, bloated, and feeling yucky.  Mainly because I do not eat/drink like that.  I needed a good body cleansing.  So I dove into the paleo, drank tons of water Monday, and dropped all the bloated/retention weight within two days!!

My body is getting back to where it was.  I should soon see the differences with continued weight loss, energy, skin, hair, etc.  I will continue to blog about this journey in order to help track my progress!

So what does one eat as a paleo….

blog photos 1048blog photos 1047

pumpkin “oats minus the oats”, 2 ingredient pancake….both topped with almond butter, walnuts, and bacon

    blog photos 1050 blog photos 1051

meatloaf, roasted okra, roasted sweet potato, tomatoes w/ olive oil & balsamic vinegar

blog photos 1049

I have been enjoying some wonderful cantaloupe with some of my breakfasts or as a snack.  I have also used bananas and apples with almond butter as pre-workout snacks.

 new camera 102 blog photos 1046

dinners have been loaded salads, sausage, veggies, and sweet potatoes with almond butter.

Peas and Crayons

I was say this is falling into good habits, wouldn’t you?  I can’t resist the sweet potatoes and pumpkins now that fall weather has hit.  Oh and I was so excited to finally see honey crisp apples!

Now head on over to Jenn’s blog and check out all the other WIAW posts 🙂

Happy Wednesday!

3 thoughts on “WIAW: as a paleo”

  1. I’ve never roasted okra- yours looks delicious, I have to try it. I can’t believe you lost all the weight in two days!! I need to start a paleo-ish diet, I know I’ll feel so much better. Now that all the birthday cake carb/sugar-ness is behind me, it’s probably a good time to start. Thanks for the inspiration!

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