Let’s get personal

Ok so I have come to a point in my life where I need and want to ask for advice/help from my dearest and dependable friends!  I have two issues to bring up with you today.

Sorry no pics, I know you miss my stellar photography skills 🙂

First up would be food related.  I, as many of you know, have followed a clean eating diet for several years now.  Of course with the occasional treats, and if I’m honest with moments of “falling of the wagon” so to speak.  But in the end I always return to wholesome foods.  I have recently been trying to incorporate more vegetarian meals into my diet in order to get more veggie servings in.  I rarely use protein powders due to the after taste of them.  I am not a big fan of them, or at least I haven’t found one yet that I just love enough to spend that much money on.  So I have tried using other sources of protein like beans, dairy, etc.  So what is the problem?

Bloating!!  Many of the protein sources are killing me with gas and bloating.  Which makes it very difficult to eat the foods.  I am not sure if this is just a reaction I have to these foods, a sensitivity, and therefore should try to avoid them?  So in my quest to find answers of sensitivities and such I have talked to a friend that is following the Whole 30 program.  Which she makes it sound fab.  I is based around eating for your health and cutting out foods that the body has sensitivities towards.  The thing that made is sound so great is that she says she doesn’t have bloating anymore.  Her stomach stays flat and comfy even right after a meal (she has a lot of the same issues as I) so of course I want to try it!

Then I read about it.  You basically can only have meats, vegetables, and fruit.  No dairy, no grains, no breads, etc.  I mean no pasta, rice, quinoa, and only sweet potato.  So of course I threw the papers to the side thinking why on earth would I have to give up whole grains, oats, quinoa, etc. 

Have any of you guys heard, researched, know anything about this program?  Do you have some of the same issues as I do with bloating?  It seems everything I eat makes me bloat 😦  If you do have advice, suggestions, or information please share.  You can always email me at helennaturally@gmail.com!


Moving on to issue numero dos……

Running in a marathon!  Scares the heck out of me to think about this, yet I am intrigued.  So last night I had a text from my lovely cousin (hi chick I know you are reading) asking about the possibility of us running in a marathon next November.  Which gives us little more than a year to train.  I never even considered conditioning my body to run so much until she questioned the possibility of us doing this together.

As some of you know I was doing regular running of 5K distances a couple years ago, then I stopped running.  For no other reason than I just didn’t do it.  Recently I have picked it back up, even participating in a 5k recently (which I did some walking in as well), and I am trying to get comfy with the 5k distance again.  Now to go back to the beginning I NEVER did any running until about 2/5-3 years ago.  So I am questioning if this is even doable??

I am intrigued with the idea of participating, but at the same time the thought of it frightens the hell out of me!  Could I train for this?  Can I get comfortable with that mush running?  If so where do I begin, and is one year long enough to prepare when starting from scratch?

So I am begging all of my runners out there to please help me with this.  Give me info, advice, suggested readings, etc.  Oh and out of curiosity if you were in my same position what would you do? 

Thanks for reading, and I can’t wait to get input from you guys.  If you aren’t sure as to what to say, but you know someone else that could help please ask them to read this one post and respond!!

4 thoughts on “Let’s get personal”

  1. First of all I say YES! You can definitely do a marathon. I’m about to start training for my first in may and have a few plans if you want to take a look. Having a training partner will be great and you an decide on marathon day how you want to tackle the distance. My friend and I have already decided to do a run/walk ratio and not set a goal time – just have fun!

    As for the food. I don’t think it will hurt to eliminate those foods for a bit because it will help you figure out what makes you bloat by slowly adding those things back into your daily eating one you’ve reset your body. I actually started my clean eating journey by eating fruits/veggies/meat for a few weeks and felt great. I was still getting carbs from certain veggies so my energy levels were still there. Then I added back in the grains and had no adverse side effects. Let us know what you decide!

  2. Wow, a marathon! I think you can do it. It just depends on finding a right training schedule for you. 1 year is plenty of time.

    As for the food, take out the foods that you are sensitive to. Add in more vegetables, then a little bit at a time add them back in. Just listen to your body and I’m sure you’ll be fine. 🙂

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