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always up for a challenge

Happy hump day my friends.  Once again need I remind you not to go there with me, get your mind on something else for pumpkin’s sake!!

I mean I just went through a dang hurricane.  Only to return to work with a broken air conditioner.  Which was like going back through a hurricane again.  Well back through a hurricane without rain.  Oh and no wind.  I mean not even a little breeze.  Oh and with the lights on, only the air not working.  I think you get the picture!

Have you ever been through a hurricane?  Yeah trust me you don’t want to.  Because there is nothing else to do but eat.  Oh and drink.  I am talking about the grown up versions of drinks.  Which leaves you like 8lbs. heavier than what you were the day before the dang thing arrives.  I just don’t get it.  If a hurricane blows away houses, blows down tress, blows out you lights, why can’t it blow away your weight??


Peas and Crayons

That is why I am loving Jenn’s new theme for What I Ate Wednesday!  She is all about good habits.  Which is why I love here.  Which is what I didn’t develop during the dang hurricane.   Which is what I need to work towards.  Ok, ok I know it’s a little dramatic.  I mean I didn’t totally fall off the wagon.  I just took a small stumble 🙂

But I wasn’t joking about the 8lbs!  Which I know is a good bit of water retention, I am sooooo  bloated (no drama in this statement). 

“So for the new What I Ate Wednesday theme, lets make a few goals and FALL into good habits this month.  You set the pace!  Pick a few small goals or one big one, and embrace some healthy changes in your life!”

So here we go…….

072011 091 photo

Breakfast:  peach dough boy smoothie (KERF), coffee, water.

 photo3  photo2

Lunch:  pork loin, couscous, small salad (thanks to my wonderful friend)

blog photos 1006 blog photos 1038

Snacks:  yogurt, banana.

blog photos 1009

Dinner:  grilled chicken, sweet potatoes, salad.

sorry for the iphone pics, didn’t have my camera battery charged this morn 😦

Not a bad spread if I must say so myself.  I know that we are starting on the fall theme this month, but give me a break on the summer spread.  I still have some great fruits/veggies available at the produce stand so I am enjoying them as long as I can.  I promise you the pumpkin is coming really, really soon!

Now I have to admit that my two goals for this week in BBB was to start eating more greens, and replacing a snack (which is usually in bar form) with a piece of fruit.  I had already set in my mind that I was going to lose the weight gained last week, as well as get back on track before I saw the challenge.  Which means that I get to come up with some new and exciting goals to work on for the month of September!!

Here we go…….

  • continue to run three times per week (my 5k is Saturday)
  • eat at least three vegetarian meals per week
  • organize my new office (so busy I have yet to work on organization)

I may or may not add to the three above through out the month.  I will have to see how things go, what things come up that I would like to address, and see how I handle the above goals along with the ones for bootcamp. 

So tell me what are some goals you would like to address to fall into good habits 🙂 

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