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the boredom of a hurricane

Yep, we are still “riding out the storm”.  It is like never ending.  That darn thing decided to just stall over southern Louisiana, for like 10 hours…..

So in an attempt to not go insane I am playing on the web, cooking some food while we have electricity, arguing with the hubster, eating to much, drinking a beer….which will probably turn into multiple beers, and arguing with people through facebook.

Yep you could say this hurricane sucks!  But in honor of my lovely little site that isn’t getting much love lately I decided to give you some insight into some of my fav recipes located under the recipe page 🙂

  • pear and mozzarella french toast
  • soft serve stuffed crepes
  • berry and peach breakfast pizza
  • almond joy oatmeal
  • pretty n pink oats
  • rootbeer float overnight oats
  • pancake and pear stacks
  • gingerbread pancakes
  • elvis waffles
  • lemon ricotta pancakes w/ blueberry sauce
  • gingerbread
  • granola, naturally
  • no bake chocolate oat bites
  • cowboy cookies
  • hello dollies
  • apple dumplings
  • butternut squash and goat cheese pasta
  • sweet & spicy tofu
  • spinach and artichoke pasta
  • curry chicken salad
  • BBB chili
  • okra fries
  • oven roasted corn
  • slow cooker bacon baked beans

So there you go, just a few of the things I love!  We are having the chili today, I have it on the stove now.  So go on over and check out the recipe page.  I am planning to add some new items to it soon, but sometimes it is good to revisit the old ones.

If you will excuse me I have to go drown myself in my sorrows now.  Which isn’t too hard since I am in the middle of a hurricane!!  Hopefully things will not get too bad, it is still south of my town so we are only getting the outer bands right now; however, if it continues on it’s track it will be right on top of my little town late today 😦

I expect to lose power eventually, until then I am soaking it all in.  Please continue to pray for us, lots of flooding and damage in my state.  Many people have had to be rescued off their roofs already. 

5 thoughts on “the boredom of a hurricane”

  1. Ah! I hope you and your family are okay. I saw some of the pictures of Isaac. Looks so insane. The only “disasters” we have in Southern California are earthquakes.

  2. I hope you’re all safe and the storm is over with sooner rather than later. I just got a whole whack of pears from a friend, I am all over that pear mozza french toast

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