BBB update

I have noticed that I haven’t updated my experiences or progress with my Best Body Bootcamp adventure.  How appalling of me!


I have been doing really well on the program.  Of course I always have to make adjustments to the planned workouts, but I am very happy to say that I have been able to keep myself going pretty easily.  The idea is to get at the minimum five days of some type of exercise/activity in a week.  As well as two weekly goals.

Here are some of the goals that I have chosen week to week to work towards.

  1. Take multi-vitamins
  2. Stretch more before/after exercising
  3. Drink at least 4 bottles of water
  4. Start sitting to eat meals as opposed to multi-tasking while eating

So far I have been doing well with all goals listed.  The only one that gets me from time to time is the stretching.  I do stretch before and after, although at times I really do not stretch enough.  It depends on where I am working out at.  Usually if I am at home I do not spend as much time because I have to do things around the house and for the boys.  The water goal has been helping me make sure I get enough water daily.  There were several days that I would go most of the day with only one to two bottles.  So not enough!  As for the last one, well that one I really needed to work towards.  I too often clean, do laundry, etc while eating at home.  As for at work I am often eating at my desk with my lunch.  I finally decided that was enough.  Not only do I need to sit and enjoy meals, but I just need a break from the desk as well 🙂

Now for weight and measurements.  When I started this program I had slipped back into some old habits.  It is so easy to get off track with health when life gets busy.  I realized that I had to make time for myself to work out.  Which is why BBB came along at the perfect time!

  • lbs lost – 4
  • inche(s) from natural waist – 1.5
  • inche(s) from hips – 1
  • inche(s) from thigh – 1
  • inches in circumference from the derrière – 2 

Yes I measured around the bootay, lol!!  You have to understand that the bottom portion of my body is where I gain most of my weight so I tend to focus on that more.  Overall I am very happy with the results.  I have continued to sub the workouts as needed, and I still enjoy nights with friends.  I am more conscious of what I am eating, making sure I get in workouts, and still enjoying life to it’s fullest.  Trust me with my new hectic work schedule and caseload I totally need to decompress on weekends 🙂

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