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What’s left to share….

Well I have been sharing with all of you various things from our anniversary trip to Ridgedale, MO over the course of the week.  You have seen pics of food, pics of the drive, but I haven’t shared with you all the sights that were on the resort.  Or the room.  Or me and the hubs.  So today is what is left to share from our trip.  Be prepared for lots of pics below!

First:  The condo!  We stayed in a beautiful two bedroom condo that was equipped with wonderful amenities and it’s own pool and hot tub.  To explain there are various pools located through Big Cedar resorts, but our lodge house is the only one with it’s private pool/hot tub!

 big cedar 034 big cedar 035

big cedar 036

master bath & master bedroom

big cedar 037

living room with fire place

big cedar 038big cedar 051

Kitchen & Dining area

 big cedar 039 big cedar 043

big cedar 089 big cedar 081

loved the chandelier and the little cooler of fruit/agave that was left in fridge for our enjoyment – organic pears, lemons, oranges!

2nd bath & bedroom

big cedar 044  big cedar 047  

big cedar 045

views from the condo

 big cedar 041 big cedar 042

the deck

big cedar 040

Various sights around the resort

big cedar 146 big cedar 078 big cedar 096 big cedar 097 big cedar 099 big cedar 101 big cedar 104 big cedar 105 big cedar 108 big cedar 117 big cedar 118 big cedar 119 big cedar 123 big cedar 126 big cedar 135

a little memory album of our 5k trail run – no I didn’t run the entire 5K.  I am proud to say I did good with activity while on my trip.  I had to complete one day of my c25k program while on vacay so I hit the trail.  OMG hills will kill!!

 big cedar 147 big cedar 148big cedar 150

 big cedar 149  big cedar 151 big cedar 152 big cedar 153 big cedar 154

and now some various photos of the hubster and I 🙂

big cedar 176 big cedar 084 big cedar 087 big cedar 095 big cedar 110 big cedar 112 big cedar 132 big cedar 134 big cedar 136 big cedar 137 big cedar 138 big cedar 139 big cedar 141 big cedar 142 big cedar 156 big cedar 166 big cedar 168

(sigh) such a great fun place.  I totally miss being there, but I will be happy to say that we purchased a two year time share so we will be back next year.  We are taking the boys with us next summer so they can see all the fun and fab things to do.  Things not pictured include mini golf, volley ball, kayaking, canoes, paddleboats, water slide, lazy river, arcade, and various pools. 

Can’t wait to visit this fabulous place again.  I highly recommend to you guys that you consider this resort for a future vacay, it is very family oriented so perfect for those of you with kiddos!!


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