Food @ Big Cedar

Well life is still crazy busy over here with work.  Thankfully I still have my sanity, although I may lose that soon, lol!  One good thing about the crazy busy chaos in my life at the moment……it makes the work day fly by!

I am happy to report that I have been able to focus more on health and nutrition with all the chaos.  Due to being so busy I am having to pack a ton of food & water to work with me to keep me going.  This allows me to focus on great nutrition choices since I am bringing them form home.  It also helps to have a refrigerator in my office to stock full of yummy treats and water!!

Peas and Crayons

But let’s not talk about what I am eating now during my crazy life.  Oh no, let’s talk about vacation food.  Now while this month’ theme is summer staples I must share the wonderful foods I enjoyed on vacation.  So in a sense it is summer staples right?  After all we have to eat on summer vacations!!

 big cedar 067 big cedar 069

big cedar 065big cedar 082

We made a trip to a local grocery store to stock up on some snack/breakfast items.  I didn’t photograph all items but here is a run down of the list:  bananas, oats, plums, carrots, veggie sticks, milk, and pb2!!  I was so excited to see this in the store!!  We also picked up some tortilla chips, queso dip, chocolate, and candy for the hubster. 

So oats w/ pb2 was eaten for breakfast with the exception of one morning at Cracker Barrel where I enjoyed some of the new berry whole grain pancakes.  Lunch was tortilla soup w/ an orange, and night one’s dinner was a side greek salad and 1/2 chicken salad wrap which is un-pictured!

  big cedar 169 big cedar 170

Of course we enjoyed some adult beverages along with coffee and water while on our trip.  The beverages consumed were cosmo, wine, and bloody mary.

On night two, our anniversary, we decided to eat at one of the restaurants at the resort.  It wasn’t exactly the greatest dinner ever, sadly we were more impressed with the cafe and night two’s dinner.

big cedar 172big cedar 171

A bread basket was placed on the table, I am happy to say that I stayed away from the biscuits.  Now the cracker type treat, yeah I ate most of it!  It was so good.  I am not sure what in the world it is called.  It looked like a pizza type crust but more like a cracker topped with pumpkin, sunflower, and sesame seeds.

  big cedar 173 big cedar 175 

We had an appetizer of pork quesadillas with a little sour cream and surf & turf with a potato for the entree.  The filet was good, but the shrimp and potato left a lot to be desired!

big cedar 177

Of course dessert is in order since it is our anniversary!!  Blackberry cobbler with ice cream on top 🙂

Now while this is not all of the food we enjoyed on vacation, it is the majority of it.  We had dinner one last night at a fabulous restaurant that deserves a post all it’s own.  Trust me when I say best meal ever!!  Highly recommended so stay tuned for it’s debut tomorrow!

Now go on over to Jenn’s sight and show some love to the other What I ate Wednesday posts!!

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