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What happens on a nine hour drive….

Nothing!  Absolutely nothing.  You sleep (at least as much as you can), you read, you complain, and you finally break out the camera to take photos of the drive.  At least once the sun comes up, we left at 4 a.m.!!

big cedar 005

I had a wonderful chauffer for the drive 🙂

big cedar 002

We drove by a few lovely lakes…….

big cedar 008

with some very old closed down bridges.

big cedar 014

We stopped at McDonald’s for brunch.  Yuck!  I am not a big fan of the chain, unfortunately we were in the middle of no where so it was our only option!  After driving for almost an hour looking for a place to eat realizing that McD’s seemed to be the only option in the small little towns we were driving through, we decided to just suck it up and eat.

The oatmeal is soooooooo not my oatmeal!!  I have vowed not to eat this ever again!

Back on the road we finally made it to civilization, and started our drive through the mountainous scenery 🙂

We drove past rocks in Arkansas…..

big cedar 017

Drove past “rock walls” and up/down super steep hills.  With signs that read “runaway truck ramp”!

big cedar 021

Jump up and down in excitement when you see a bakery sign in the middle of driving up and down said hills, make the hubster turn around for some fresh bread……..

big cedar 023

only to come out with a yogurt and biscotti because no fresh bread in sight 😦

big cedar 024

Then finally when you think you can’t take anymore……..

big cedar 027

big cedar 033          

you enter the state that holds your destination!

big cedar 031

And you enjoy the view while driving to your lodge!!

to be continued………….

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