back in full swing….

Hey, hi, hello!!  How are you?  Me, well a little frazzled at the moment, but life is great!!  So I wanted to share my anniversary trip with all of you guys last week.  I had about three posts in mind to go over the events of our trip, that is until I came home……

We arrived back home late Saturday, which was a bittersweet arrival, and began the act of emerging ourselves back into the real world.  We were happy to be home and see the boys, yet wishing we were still at Big Cedar!

big cedar 030

This is the point when we I was shoved onto the greatest and unexpected roller coaster ride!  I received a text that night from my partner speech therapist at my school informing me that she was resigning from the school system.  Now while this was a total shock, very bittersweet, and very unexpected…….I was also super excited!!

Let’s back up for those of you that are new to this blog.  I am a speech therapist in the public school system in Louisiana.  At the end of the 2010/2011 school year I was transferred to a new school without warning.  I was thinking that I would be moved into the full time therapist position for the new campus.  You see there are two there, one full time on campus, one itinerant.  This means that the itinerant spends one day traveling to another school to provide speech therapy services.  Much to my surprise at the start of school I was told I would hold the itinerant position.  This was a very big adjustment to me.  Moving to a new school, leaving friends behind, and being given a position that I didn’t want. 

I threw myself into the school year.  After my pity party I vowed to make the best of it!  I was truly blessed to be a part of the new school.  I have made some wonderful new friends that I am extremely close to, made some wonderful memories, and I have the joy of working with the best administration!

So what does all of this have to do with the here and now??  Well like I said when we came home I got the call that my fellow therapist was leaving.  Which means that I have the position that I wanted!!  I am now the full time therapist on the campus.  This meant that I had to spend my last two days of summer vacation working at the school to move all of my things into my new therapy/office space.  Then Tuesday & Wednesday was spent in meetings and more room work.  Thursday was our first day of school, and Friday was spent in an in service for special education for the entire day!!

Needless to say I was super, super busy last week with no end in sight.  I now have to take over an entire new caseload.  Learn about my new babies, and learn about some augmentative communication devices for my significant students.  So I will probably be on this roller coaster for several weeks 🙂

Unfortunately this also meant that  my eating and exercising suffered a little.  We had lunch provided for us three days, which means unhealthy for the most part.  I also had to give up two days of exercise due to working late/meetings.  So I didn’t follow the weekly plan for my boot camp, but I was able to get in some form of activity for most of the week 🙂

So I am ready to step into this new chapter of my life, get things back on track with boot camp, and enjoy this school year! 

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