My calendar is full!

Wow what a week.  I have been so busy trying to get ready for our trip next week, and also get all things needed to get us back into school that I haven’t had time to sit a the computer.  I really had some pretty good posts for you guys this week, but sadly they will have to wait.  I had an unexpected turn of events, lol!

But I did want to take the time to come on here and update my boot camp information 🙂

Day 2 of BBB was a blast.  I started with a killer core workout, and finished with 20 minutes of HIIT on the treadmill.  Man it has been a while since I have felt those deep core muscles, lol!!

On the food front things went smoothly.  I was out and about today, which will  be the case all week, for the boys to have some play time.  My bestie has her nephew this week so we had already planned a couple of play dates with them while he is in town.  So the morning was spent at the splash pad for longer than intended.  Which means I was getting hungry and didn’t pack food.  I really gotta start thinking ahead.  Well my girl had a bag of veggie straws with her so I grabbed a palm full to munch on until I could get home to lunch.  Not bad for a quick hold you over snack.  The boys really enjoyed themselves playing.

Tuesday night my boss had a jewelry party at her house which was really fun.  I went mainly to socialize, it was great seeing everyone again.  Just think in a couple weeks I will see them everyday.  I did behave myself for the most part until the banana pudding was put out!  I love banana pudding, and the lady at work that makes it for us makes the best!!  Other than that food choices were good.

  • breakfast: oats w/ cottage cheese & pecan butter (oh and I use 1/2 mashed banana when cooking my oats as well) & coffee
  • snack: palm of veggie straws
  • lunch:  quinoa and steamed veggies
  • post workout – snack:  smoothie
  • dinner:  roast beef rollup on a blue corn & flax tortilla shell
  • snack:  palm size portion of fruit, scoop of banana pudding, and the tiniest brownie I have ever eaten in my life, lol! 

That brownie was super tiny.  As in gone in two bites!  I wanted a piece just big enough to taste, but since I had the pudding I didn’t want to go overboard on sweets.


This was another eventful day for me.  I was literally gone most of the day.  I had an appointment at the orthodontist, followed by breakfast with an old friend, grocery shopping, movies with the boys, and finally home to workout! 

Day 3 workout was my second day of the C25K program for this week for the cardio, and a killer leg workout.  I mean killer!  I literally felt like jello afterwards.  Of course I did the strength workout before the cardio.  I am thinking that the next leg workout may come after the cardio!

  • breakfast:  toast w/ peanut butter and drizzle of honey & coffee
  • 2nd breakfast: yogurt parfait from Cracker Barrel
  • lunch:  ham pita w/ hummus, lettuce, and tomato
  • movie snack:  granola cracker w/ peanut butter (new box snack that is out)
  • dinner: hugh jass salad w/ red wine vinegar & olive oil
  • bedtime treat:  one square of dark chocolate with sea salt & almond pieces

Again today was not the best I could have done if I had been home/work with better prepared and planned meals, but I think it was over all good choices.  Much better than choices I would have make a week ago when faced with Cracker Barrel and the movies all in one day!

The breakfast out wasn’t planned until last minute so I went with the best option I could given the venue.  While I know it had sugar in the yogurt and granola, I think it was much better than a stack of their pancakes swimming in butter and syrup, or even their eggs that are cooked in butter.

As for the snack crackers, they are produced by Lance.  I have seen them several times in magazines so I grabbed a box to try.  The ingredients aren’t so bad, and while it is processed I feel it is one of the better processed snack choices.  It was easy to throw in my purse to munch on when the urge to snack hit me.  Hey I passed up the butter popcorn!! 

I am using an app on my phone called daily food log if anyone is interested.  It is a free app and very simple.  The app actually looks like your calendar, but instead of logging appointments you log food.  You simply type in what you eat and it saves it for you, along with the time it was entered.  I have seen a lot of people using the my fitness pal app, but those only frustrate me with their calorie counting feature, searching for the food, etc.  With this one I simply type in what I eat.  It does have a spot that you can type in calories consumed if you want to.  I do not keep up with calories, only foods consumed.  It is really nice to look back and see what you have had for the day 🙂

AND…. my body is sore from head to toe!  I love the feeling of muscle soreness after a good workout.  I know that the workouts are making a difference, and that I am becoming stronger/healthier because of them!!

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