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Who needs a bistro?

You know how you get this insane craving for something, and at first you really can’t put your finger on exactly what that craving is?  That is what happened to me.

 new camera 190   

I knew there was something.  So I ate my usual breakfast of oats but with cottage cheese mixed in.  Nope, not it!  I ate a little snack of apple slices w/ cinnamon and pecan butter.  Didn’t help 😦

Then came lunch.  I was kind of discouraged at this point.  I wanted something but couldn’t figure it out.  So I open the fridge trying to figure out what I am going to do for lunch since it is right at grocery time, and we are down to some slim pickings.  So I decided on a sandwich.  It was easy, quick, and one of the better choices that were available.  Something told me that mac & cheese or spaghetti o’s wasn’t on the best body plan, lol! 

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So I pulled out the virginia ham.  I had intentions of making a nice little sandwich and salad lunch.  Then I got an idea.  I decided to put my salad on my sandwich!  I lightly toasted my bread.  Spread a little hummus mixed with salsa on it, added a few sliced of ham, some lettuce, tomato, cucumber, and cottage cheese.  At this point I could have really went for some sprouts…..didn’t have any 😦

 new camera 189

Then I thought look how cute my sandwich looks!  I mean it looks like a sammie you would grab at a little swanky bistro, minus the sprouts.  I was so proud of my self.  Add a little fruit on the side and it was a perfect lunch.

 new camera 188

Ahhhhhh, so flavorful and full of great filling goodness.  Just what my body was craving 🙂


So as you know I started BBB yesterday, and I have decided to give little updates at the end of each post.  Sort of as like a little journal for me, why buy a journal when I have the blog! 

Day one was awesome.  I had to change up the workouts a little, switching cardio since I am training for a 5k on run days, moving this days workout to this day due to activities that conflict with the gym, etc.  Thankfully I know have a treadmill at home to back me up on those “can’t make it to the gym days”!

As many of you know I use to follow a very strict regimen when it came to working out and eating a couple of years ago.  Granted I was in the best shape of my life, I could not maintain that regimen.  It was totally a body builder’s plan (I had a PT at the time), and not what I was aiming for in my life.  To make it short I was miserable without desserts and wine.  So I opted to go for the more balanced 80/20, which made me very happy, and I was able to keep up with great results.  As you know life slowly shifted and here I am!

Started with an upper body workout concentrating on chest, shoulders, triceps.  A couple of them were on a stability ball, which was cool to use since I had never tried them before.  I have to be honest, I was slightly disappointed.  Weight lifting is totally one of those “use it lost it” things.  While a few years ago I could easily do regular push-ups, lift 20 lb dumbbells, I know find myself back to no body strength.  I had to do modified pushups til fatigue for 3 sets.  By the third set I could barely make 8!  Oh and the dumbbell weight – a 5!  Yes, 5!!  Now I could have gone up to an 8 lb, but my gym only had 5 or 10.  I tried the 10 in the first set and realized I would never make it thru, I couldn’t maintain decent form since they were a little to heavy.  So I went with the 5 which did challenge me a little in some of the moves, but was super easy in others.

I am excited to start with free weights again, and I can’t wait to see where I end up at the end of the 8 week program.  Hopefully I will be back to doing regular push ups again, lol!!

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