She’s back!!

Wow last week was so awesome.  Ok I must admit with the exception of the passing of my father-n-law my entire summer has been awesome,  but not my typical lifestyle.  I am trying so hard to get back on track.  I do believe that at the moment the weekends are going to be the hardest for me to get through.  That is so funny because I can remember a time when the weekends were the easiest for me because I had more time in the day to cook, haha!!


For example:  Thursday night was my bi-monthly wine tasting with the girls so wine obviously was consumed.  Friday night was dinner with the Garner family so wine was consumed with some not so healthy foods.  Now we did have fruit and salad so it wasn’t all bad.  Then last night was a party at the hubster’s cousin’s house which means…..yep you guessed it!  A little wine and one crown & 7 was consumed, as well as some food.  I tried to watch the food, stayed away from the bread, enjoyed some smoked brisket, but that was the only goodness.  The rest of my plate was a little salami, a very small piece of chicken tender, a few cubes of cheese, one cookie, some spinach dip w/ multi-grain chips, and a few crackers with salami.  So pretty bad weekend.  Oh and Saturday of course we had a b-day party as well!!!


I am super excited about things a coming!  I am trying to make super great choices during the week since the weekends are so packed with craziness.  I have also decided to go back to some of my older habits of eating before a function so I am full.  Maybe enjoying some of the natural foods offered such as salad and fruit.  Limiting my treats, and getting my 80-20 lifestyle back into action is the plan 🙂

To help me out with my get back on track to a healthy, happy me lifestyle………


The Best Body Fitness site focuses on all around health and wellness. I firmly believe that a body treated well and challenged to achieve new heights is our own, personal “best body”. Stronger or leaner may be a side effect, but the focus is on healthier and happier through living a fit lifestyle. I want to extend that goal and motivation to all people, while also showing that fitness can be FUN. Enter Best Body Bootcamp!

Have you guys ever visited Best Body Fitness?  If you haven’t you have to head over and check out Tina’s site www.tinareale.com, full of information, inspiration, motivation, etc.  She is awesome.  I have been a long time reader of this blog.  Actually I was a reader when the blog was under a completely different title, and was following  this amazing woman on her body after baby series, as well as her studying and completing requirements to become a trainer! 


Unfortunately session two is closed to new members since it starts today, but there will be another session so I urge you to check this out, and I will be posting weekly to update my experience throughout the boot camp as well 🙂

So what is in store for week one??  Well besides the fab workouts that Tina has organized for the group participants (which I intend to follow precisely as best as I can), I also have to come up with two goals per week to work on.  Personal goals for a healthier lifestyle.  None of the “I want to lose 2 lbs. this week” type of goals, oh no this is seriously focused on a better you!  So here are my goals for this week…

  1. To begin and continue to take a multi-vitamin daily. 
  2. To begin and continue a food journal.

I suck at taking vitamins.  Like really suck at it.  I always forget, then I will go like a year without them.  I know it’s bad.  Especially for someone who “catches everything” and works in the public school system.  I meant this year alone I have had pink eye, virus, colds, on top of my normal allergies, pneumonia, and a UTI with not one but TWO types of bacteria!  Geez and it’s only July!  Now I know that the vitamins will not prevent me from getting certain illnesses, but I do now they will help me with recovery!

As for the food journal, I use to keep one.  I was very good at this when I started my eat clean journey a couple of years back.  It really helped keep me on track, helped me see what changes I needed to make, and to make better choices.  Then suddenly I stopped.  I did well for a while after since I was use to my lifestyle, but unfortunately old habits/patterns have returned to my life.  So I need to get myself back on track, and this is one of the strategies I am going to use.

So here is to my “Best Body” 🙂


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