What have I been up to??

Glad you asked!

new camera 142 new camera 147 new camera 149 new camera 150 new camera 151 new camera 152 new camera 153 new camera 154 new camera 155 new camera 156 new camera 162 new camera 166 new camera 168 new camera 169 new camera 170 new camera 174

new camera 176  new camera 178

new camera 179 new camera 185

I haven’t been attached to media for a while.  I may get on the computer for several minutes a day,  mainly to check in on you guys!!  AND…….I haven’t been attached to my camera constantly.  It has been so freeing to just live and enjoy!   Now I love blogging.  I know I will be back to blogging on a more daily schedule soon, but right now I am enjoying summer, living in the moment, and loving every day I am blessed with!!!

Thanks for hanging in there 🙂

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