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Oh how I have missed….

You know how I have been MIA on the blog lately?  Yeah, and I have mentioned that I have also been a little MIA on healthy food as well as exercise.   

I am slowly but surely trying to get back on track with things.  I am even slowly getting a couple of my besties on the healthier bandwagon.  Now I don’t expect to convert them to a full fledge clean eating lifestyle.  I am not even on a full fledge clean eating lifestyle.  I love my desserts, treats, wine, etc.  While I always try to keep them in check, I know me well enough to know that I will never fully give those items up!

but at least I am making progress.  Oh how I have missed it all 🙂

So I was thinking that today was a perfect day to let you all in on how happy I am to be slowly but surely getting back on track!

Peas and Crayons

Breakfast:  oats with coconut milk, strawberries, and almonds served with coffee.

new camera 133 new camera 132

The strawberries are from the huge flat that was given to my by one of my besties that I work with.  We of course had to put them in the freezer so as not to lose such wonderful fruit.  I thawed a small bag out the other day to have for breakfasts/snacks so they are sort of like macerated strawberries because they have the liquids which was delish in the oats!

Snack: vanilla yogurt with frozen raspberries and crushed whole wheat chex cereal.

new camera 137

Oh how I have missed my yogurt!  I didn’t realize that my body was craving this wonderful snack until I finally ate a lovely bowl of it.  I may or may not have eaten this multiple times already!

Lunch:  quinoa with broccoli, seasoned with sesame oil and soy sauce.

new camera 136  new camera 135

KeenWaaahhhhh!  I cooked a full cup of dry quinoa the other day so I would have a lovely bowl available to eat on all week.  I may or may not have eaten this multiple times in a day as well!  I have made several stir fry dishes with this using various veggies, but one of my favorite bowls this week has been quinoa, corn cut off a cob, roasted squash seasoned with butter spray and garlic salt. 

I even cooked a stir fry lunch with the quinoa the other day for those two besties I have mentioned.  They loved it.  The wanted seconds.  They are planning to go buy quinoa for their kitchens!!  How exciting is that 🙂

I have also been snacking on some carrots and hummus left over from the party this past weekend.  Oh and some fresh peaches that I purchased the other day 🙂

For my killer sweet tooth I have been grabbing a few dark chocolate chips or a small spoon of biscoff spread with 2-3 wheat ritz crackers.  I have also started back with some activity.  A friend and I walked two miles on Monday, and I made it to the gym today for a 30 minute treadmill workout with 30 minutes of weight machines.

As mentioned I had the girls over for lunch yesterday and we were all talking about how we needed to exercise again (we all use to be active a certain points in our lives).  So what did we do?  All three of us put the run 5k app on our phones so we can start running again.  Our plans are to all three do this together for the support and encouragement.  Hopefully this will work out with us since we all have different schedules.  I am married w/kids, one has a live in boyfriend/no kids, and the other is single/no kids.  What a mixture right?  So keep your fingers crossed for us!!  I do plan to start with or without them, but I am really hoping that we all three stay on track together 🙂

Happy Wednesday 🙂

8 thoughts on “Oh how I have missed….”

  1. Awesome! Your foodies look delish! 🙂

    I just got back from Texas and though I stayed on track, since getting home I have just been sorta ho-huming it! I have been walking it but not pushing, eating ok, but not doing anything great and staying kinda stuck! So thank you Helen, I need to get my groove on and get back on track!

    Glad to see you doing it!!! 🙂

    I as well like my wine and sweets on occasion too! Though I am a sudo vegan, we have date night once a week where we eat what we wish! It works for us–I just need to be more focused the rest of the time!!

    Thanks for showing me the diet mojo, I needed it!


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