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Rainy Day Weekends

We have had some really crappy weather here lately.  The kind that makes you want to just pack up and move to some wonderful tropical location somewhere.  Well okay I always want to pick up and move to some tropical location somewhere!

new camera 126

But since I have been slacking lately on posts I didn’t take the time to talk about a very important day we had last week.  My baby’s birthday.  Oh but not just any birthday, his golden birthday!!

 new camera 123   new camera 127     

Kohl turned 6 on the 6th 🙂  We celebrated with a lovely little cake at home, a new bike, and his favorite thing to eat…breakfast!!

new camera 125

We had a lovely wet weekend.  Which made our plans change.  We were to be out on the boat swimming and having fun, but instead we were left to hang out in the house.

new camera 129new camera 128

With some wonderful friends….

new camera 134

Some fun games….

new camera 131new camera 130

One adorable little baby girl…..

A variety of wine!

Oh and some great food but I didn’t get a chance to take a pic of that.  You know because all of the friends were crowded around the bar munching until it was empty.  But I will share with you what we had available 🙂

  • meatballs in BBQ sauce
  • venison sausage in BBQ sauce
  • cream cheese w/ hot mango pick a pepper sauce
  • hummus
  • beer cheese dip
  • assortment of crackers, melba toast, and pretzels

We had a delightful spread!

So even if the rain didn’t go away, our fun was here to stay 🙂

6 thoughts on “Rainy Day Weekends”

  1. Ha, my sons is in the 7th! But he turned 20!
    Yes the weather is awful today (humidity is stifling) and the weekend was rain and humidity, so much for decent hair!!

    Oh you may want to check your Twitter, looks like you have been hacked! (cause I doubt you support those weight loss products!)

  2. Awwww sounds and looks like a great time. I love that you call it a golden birthday, we always called it a champagne birthday. Happy bday little man 🙂

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