We may shine, we may shatter

new camera 053    

We may be pickin’ up the pieces here on after

new camera 049

We are fragile, we are human

new camera 051

We are shaped by the light we let through us

new camera 052

But we break fast ’cause we are glass

new camera 050

‘Cause we are glass

***words courtesy of “Glass” lyrics by Thompson Square – my newest song obsession**

***rainbow pics are from my back patio yesterday evening.  We had a crazy bad storm for several hours yesterday, but if I get a double rainbow after weathering such a crazy storm – I’ll take it!***

Due to some of the things that myself and my family are having to deal with lately I felt that this post was not only much needed but much appreciated.  It is very seldom that we sit to think about the blessings and beauty that we have around us when we are going through troubled times.  We tend to concentrate on the negativity when we should really be seeking inspiration. 

I will let you guys in on our dealings.  Recently my mother had a difficult dr’s appointment where she learned that her cholesterol is high, her blood pressure is right on the border of being high, and also her sugar levels are on the border for diabetes, among other things that she is dealing with such as possible nerve damage and the such.  My father has to see a retina specialist for his eye in a few weeks.  He went to the eye doctor due to a growth on his eye that needs to be removed, but unfortunately more was found.  He is now seeing a specialist because the doctor has noticed something behind his other eye that could be a type of infection, but it could also possibly be macular degeneration. 

My husband’s dad is now in a nursing facility due to alziemer’s disease.  This has been a very hard road for his family considering the youth of his dad.  All of this went down around the time of my spring break so you can kind of see how crazy life has been.  We are staying as strong and positive as we can be.

It took my youngest baby calling me to the patio last night to realize that I should be finding my inspiration and thanking our savior for all of my blessings.  I almost ignored him.  Kohl keep asking me to come outside to look at something.  I was thinking it was a toy left out in the rain until he said “please mom it’s beautiful”. 

So I gave in and walked to the door to look.  He pointed up and said again “look how beautiful”.  I immediately went to grab  the camera!  Yes, it is beautiful.  A double rainbow!!  This was a great reminder of the beauty our creator can give to us, a reminder to know that he is in control, he has a plan, and that he will never forsake me 🙂 

9 thoughts on “Inspiration”

  1. Those pictures are beautiful, Helen! Sorry to hear about all the health problems your family are going through, but keep your head up. That way you don’t miss those rainbows 🙂

  2. The rainbow is incredible! It’s hard to think about the good during the hard times. And I know all too well that when it rains, it pours. I’m sending your family some good vibes. May there be many more rainbows in your future!*

  3. Pretty photos! Glad you found inspiration in the beautiful scene outside your window. I love your words–I do tend to focus on the negativity too much and need to focus on the positive and how to move forward in my life. Great encouragement!

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