Confessions of a (bad) blogger….

I have been a bad blogger here lately.  I am sorry.  I really have no excuse…..well ok maybe I have a few of them.  Which are completely justified in my little mind 🙂

  • I haven’t been cooking as much lately, and most of the things I have cooked have been published on the blog previously.
  • I have been eating out a good bit lately.
  • I have been having several girl nights/time with friends.
  • I have spent entire days on the lake/boat with friends.
  • I have not taken a camera to any of the events!!

This has to change.  I know it does.  I have many things that I could blog about and share if only I would take the time to take a few pics and write a post.

  • I have been at the ball fields several days a week.
  • I have been sick (which I have mentioned a few times)
  • I have been super busy at work due to end of the year stuff.
  • I have been super busy with family situation (which I mentioned a few weeks back)

So like I said…..I have my excuses but really no excuse.  Several of these things could easily turn into a blog post.  But I do have to admit that there is something exhilarating about just living in the moment and enjoying life without focusing on the right photos/content for the blog.  I love all of you guys dearly so I will try to do better!!

This one was just to friggin awesome I couldn’t pass it up!!!

I can’t promise you stellar posts.  I can’t promise you daily posts every day of the week (actually I just refuse to promise this).  I will promise you that I will make an effort to do better.  I really want to because I love hearing from all of you guys when you comment on my posts. 

It is like hanging with a friend at a coffee shop.  That is if I have a cup of coffee while reading.  Also if I am in the comforts of my home/office while reading.  Because you know that having a virtual conversation out loud, along with some chuckles, really makes people stare at you if you are in an actual coffee shop.  So be careful about that, just sayin!!

Besides I need some photos of my stellar activities lately to have for excellent memories…..see and talk to you all real soon!!

12 thoughts on “Confessions of a (bad) blogger….”

  1. We love you Helen, it’s called living and loving! You are supposed to do that! And we will all be here, waiting for you when you come back!


  2. But you have a right too sometimes don’t ya? We are faithful so don’t forget that! Enjoy these moments, they are precious and FEEL better too! 🙂

  3. I wondered where you were – but I figured you were living life (which is best thing to do!)
    But dont feel “pressured” to turn out posts ever! The spontaneous ones are the best! Live and then blog about living 🙂
    Oh and shop too, lol!!

  4. You definitely are not a bad blogger! We love your posts and will be here to read when you are ready! Take care of your health and your family.

  5. Everyone feels like that from time to time, it’s hard bloggin – it’s a full time job! I just realized I have to keep it fun! so don’t worry we love you 🙂

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