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April Birchbox

I love it when I get home and have a package waiting for me!  There is just something so exciting about that.  I personally think that is one of the best parts of the Birchbox subscription 🙂

I know it sounds silly, but usually all of the packages we get at the house are for others.  That is because I do a lot of online shopping.  Which means that the packages are usually gifts for either my boys or other family members.

Or I will ocassionally get a lovely little package of food items delivered either from a giveaway or to review.  Which is still great because it is for me, but I always have to share those packages with other…….

But my Birchbox it is all mine!!

new camera 009

This months box did not leave me as excited as last months, but the box still contained some really neat stuff!  I am calling this box my summer box.  I can totally see me using the items while out on the lake this year.  So what was in the box?  Scroll down to find out 🙂

new camera 011

Wonderstruck Taylor Swift – oh how I love Taylor Swift.  I know I am  channeling my inner teenager by saying that but I do!  She is just so darn cute and talented.  I have purchased this item before as a gift so I am familiar with the scent.  It is a fun little scent!  Perfect for summer!

new camera 010

Kahina Giving Beauty facial lotion and argan oil.  The oil can be used on hair or skin, or you can mix it with the lotion for a mega-hydrator – or so the card says. 

new camera 012

Next is Benta Berry exfoliating facial cleanser and Pur Minerals tinted moisturizer with SPF.  I am excited about the tinted moisturizer.  I actually need one of these for those lake days.  Where you need some SPF, and just a hint of color, but no actual make up because, well because you are on the lake :)a

new camera 013    

Lastly a pack of cleansing towelettes.  Perfect to toss into the “boat bag”!  We have a little bar that is on the river that we boat on to the lake, and we usually stop in on our way out for a little night time dancing.  I like to freshen up before going in, you know hanging out on the lake/lake bars all day leaves you feeling kinda funky.  These will be perfect for washing off the days sun screen before dabbing on a little bronzer and hitting the dance floor 🙂

So while nothing in this box is an item I would use on a daily basis, it is a great little stock for my “lake bag”.  Which leaves me with one less thing to do before the summer 🙂

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