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Two for Tuesday

I am in a fabulous mood for some reason today!  I have no clue why, seeing as it is only Tuesday.  I usually do not feel any type of euphoria during the week (unless it is during a break) until say oh Thursday afternoons.

Maybe it has to do with the fact that I know this is going to be a pretty smooth week work wise.  Or maybe because I know that we have a fabulous day planned out for Friday (can you say field trip).  Or perhaps that I have been eating wonderful foods this week!

Well to be totally honest with you all of the above can add to my happy mood, but that is not the reason I am in such a friggin great mood!  I only have 30 (yes you read right 30) more work days left til summer break, woo hoo!!

So I am giving you a two for Tuesday to celebrate my fabulous mood.  This morning I tried a new to me breakfast.  I said new to me breakfast because it really is not a new to me food.  I have eaten this before in other meals/forms.  Just never as breakfast!

I was at a loss last night as to what to cook to go with my wonderful steamed veggies.  I didn’t want to use pasta.  I didn’t have time to cook brown rice (out of the quick cooking kind), but I needed something to help keep me satiated for the evening.

So in comes barley!  I had some quick cooking barley in the top of the pantry.  I forgot all about this box until my fabulous spring cleaning last week.  So I decided to cook some up for dinner.  Then I decided to cook a lot of it.  More than I needed for dinner that was for sure.

new camera 408

So I decided to give it a try for breakfast!  I had never had this for breakfast.  I scooped out a good 1/2 cup or so of the cooked stuff this morning, added 1/2 cup of milk to the bowl with some stevia, then nuked it in the microwave for about two minutes.  I knew right away that I wouldn’t like eating it.  I like my breakfast cereals to be creamy.  Barley is not truly creamy all on its on.  So what is a girl to do?  Toss half of it into the blender and blend away.  Then I added the blended mixture back to the bowl, gave it a little stir, topped it with sliced almonds, and breakfast was served.  Nice, hot, creamy goodness 🙂

Unfortunately I am out of fruit at the moment <<gasp>>  I know right!  I would have loved to stir in some berries for an extra punch to the bowl.  If you have never tried this for breakfast I urge you to give it a go.  I can’t wait to make a savory breakfast with this!

Now on to my second discovery I want to share with you guys.  As many of you know I am from south Louisiana.  As in seafood, cajun, butter, fried, artery clogging south Louisiana.  The area that I live in is close enough to New Orleans to have seafood abundantly, but country enough for just plan old southern cooking which means lots o butter and lots o frying!

new camera 407

Well I give thee good ol southern fried fish – minus the frying that is 🙂

Oven Fried Fish

  • your choice of fish fillets (we prefer bass in these parts)
  • 1/4 c flour of choice (we use unbleached all purpose in these parts)
  • 1 c corn meal
  • seasoning salt /cajun seasoning to taste (this depends on who you are, the hubster likes lots o seasoning)
  • cooking spray of choice
  • egg
  • good squirt of mustard (may need more than one egg depending on how much fish you have, should coat fish well)
  1. Preheat oven to 400*
  2. Mix the egg and mustarg together really well.  This is important in southern fried fish.
  3. toss the fish over in the egg mixture and coat it really well
  4. mix together flour, corn meal, and seasoning in a bowl
  5. drop fish into corn meal mixture to coat
  6. spray a pan really well with non stick spray
  7. place the fish onto baking pan, spray with cooking spray, turn over and spray opposite side
  8. place in over to bake for about 15-20 minutes or more depending on thickness of your fish, we like thin fish in these parts
  9. once the fish is cooked through you can turn on broiler and brown coating  a little if you like, be sure not to over cook

new camera 406

This was super delish served along side some oven baked “french fries” and steamed veggies with barley.  The only way I could tell the difference between my fish and the hubsters (because you know he had to fry his) was the grease!  Seriously the coating was still crispy and had the same flavor!  In my opinion it was better because it didn’t have the greasy taste, which I do not care for any way 🙂

Now go buy some barley and fish and get to cooking!

6 thoughts on “Two for Tuesday”

    1. Oh no he doesn’t eat fish?? We must change that, good luck tonight!

      As for corn meal, it is what you use to make corn bread. Found next to the flours and it is usually yellow although they do have a white one as well 🙂

  1. Helen! Do you have to use corn meal to get crispy fried fish? I tried it with just all purpose flour (because it was all I had lying around) and the skin fell apart while I was frying them. Or maybe I’m like your husband…hahah I have to fry mine 🙂

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