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Where oh where have you gone

I miss you.  Yes, I am talking to you spring break.  You blew out of my life just as quickly as you blew in.  Staying around just long enough to make me mourn you.  Touching my heart just enough to make me long for you.

While you were here we played,

new camera 325

ate some amazing food (ya know since we had time to cook)!

new camera 319 

We had some silly pic days

new camera 315

and we napped…..

new camera 322new camera 324

Ok so some of us napped.  Others played the Wii, while one in particular did a lot of cleaning (and picture snapping)!

Then you sent us the Easter Bunny 🙂

Some where more excited about the Easter Bunny treats than others.

new camera 329new camera 327

new camera 330new camera 331

You gave us a great family day….

new camera 400        new camera 332

 new camera 334 new camera 335

Where we had the opportunity to play with baby chicks…..

 new camera 336 new camera 338

have a chicken round up,

  new camera 345 new camera 348

watch a horse and buggy go by, some were wishing they could ride in the horse and buggy,

new camera 351 new camera 354

and posed for family photos!  By the way spring break, this is the first year in I can’t tell you how many years that I actually, purposely purchased a dress just for the holiday/occasion.

new camera 341 new camera 357

Isn’t it dashing 🙂 

A chick round up is always fun!  We must put those little cuties in a closed pen where nothing can get to them.  Hopefully by next year we will be getting some eggs off of those little darlings.  Yes I said we.  Because what is mom’s/dad’s is daughters.  No those are not my darling little chicks.  They belong to my parents!

 new camera 364 new camera 368 

We had an awesome little egg hunt for the kiddos…

 new camera 379 new camera 381

Which requires the adult men to hide eggs in crazy, ridiculous places.  Why do they still act like boys no matter the age??

 new camera 384  new camera 390

Thankfully many of them were in easy, average places….if there is a such thing as easy, average egg hiding places.

 new camera 391 new camera 385

new camera 393 new camera 394

Of course the hubster will feel like he has nothing to do but kick back after the meal.  He did cook it after all.  We had bbq!  Sorry no pics, I was too busy stuffing my face 🙂

 new camera 398

Then you dad will request a picture with you because you have on a “purty” dress (his words not mine), and you will realize that everyone in the world will know you now.  You know because your dad is the definition of hillbilly.  It is true, his pic is in the dictionary right next to the word!

new camera 397

AND….then you left!  I really need an explanation for you departure.  Why did you leave after such a beautiful fun filled day?  Why did you stay just long enough to tease me with late mornings, great food, and lots of family time?

I must have an explanation from you spring break!  We are so over, just saying!  I have a newer love now.  You will be sorry that you missed out on me.  My new love will be here in six weeks.  Hello summer break, I can’t wait for your arrival 🙂

2 thoughts on “Where oh where have you gone”

  1. I love it all! I really love your dress! I love the chicks! I love the green grass! And your hillbilly dad seems awesome!

    1. Haha thanks girl! That is the very ground I was raised on, way in the country!! My dad is totally hillbilly, most people think I joke when I say that but totally true 🙂

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