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I made a cake

The Best Cake Ever!

new camera 303       

Yes, that one.  You know the one full of sugar, butter, yummy “not so good for you” goodness.  Now I can’t stop eating a piece here or there.  Thankfully I was smart to make it in a large pan so it is a relatively flat cake.  Just as thankfully I cut it into small pieces so as not to over do it.  In the words of Ari – I am a sweets whore!

new camera 302

I used the Pioneer Woman’s recipe for the cake.  You can get her recipe from the blog.  I actually wanted to compare this recipe with my own passed down from my grandmother.  The only true difference between the two is that she uses butter only in the recipes, while my recipe uses shortening in them.  This is my dad’s favorite cake, which is why I made it for Easter.  It is for him 🙂

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If you have followed me for a while then you may remember that I posted about his 50th b-day last year, which this cake was served.  If you didn’t read back then you can read about the post here, which also has the recipe!

How similar are they?  Well they taste exactly the same.  The only difference is that my recipe is cooked a little longer which “hardens” on the cake like a layer of fudge.  The Pioneer Woman’s icing stays a little softer like a true cake icing.  Either way both are equally delicious!

new camera 300

I was so stoked to get this pan!  I found a lovely culinary store right here in my town (actually on the other side of town where I rarely travel) which sells to the public as well as restaurants.  Yay!!  I can get commercial items 🙂

So I purchased a 13×18 (5.96) pan and a 16x 22  (8.00)pan.  I mean check out those prices!  I was just about to order one online since it is impossible to find the sized in a store when I remembered this little gem of a store.  Boy am I glad I did.  Online the pan would have cost me right at 20 bucks.  I mean that is like a 14 dollar savings!! 

I am so in love with that store now.  I totally have made a request for a gift certificate for mother’s day.  They have amazing prices on their items, and since it is a commercial kitchen store they are great quality 🙂

new camera 315

We also had a little picture action yesterday as well:)

new camera 307new camera 311

new camera 313new camera 304

new camera 318

We were just playing around with the camera, and I thought it would be fun to do some train track shots.  Unfortunately we couldn’t get to the spot I wanted yesterday which is shaded with lots of oaks lining the tracks.  Of course I am not one to give up easily so we snapped a few shots saving our photo session for another day. 

I love those little guys 🙂

So what is the one thing you are looking forward to for Easter?

Is there a particular recipe/food that you serves for the holiday?


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