I have one excuse

I didn’t post yesterday.  Like duh I know that you noticed that.  I almost didn’t want to post today.  Not because I do not feel like writing.  Or because I have nothing to share.  Simply put I am very busy!

I decided I needed to do some spring cleaning.  This is nothing new for me.  Every spring break I do this.  However, this week is a little different because not only am I cleaning but also organizing.  I know you are thinking that they go hand in hand but they do not.  You can clean without organizing. 

new camera 220

Yay, my ice cream maker came in 🙂

Ok a little off topic.  But how exciting.  Any who….I have been in my kitchen for two days now.  Two days!  I am tired of the kitchen.  But I am also excited 🙂

Instead of simply cleaning, i.e. taking items out of cabinets, wiping them clean, then returning same items, I am organizing my kitchen.  My kitchen was all over the place!

I totally wish that I had before pictures to show you.  Of course I have no excuse for not taking any.  Other than I was in the “zone”, and I didn’t realize that I didn’t take before pictures until I thought about posting the after pics…..what??

 new camera 279  new camera 281

This is a glimpse of what the kitchen looked like at one point.  Literally most cabinet contents piled on the counter.

new camera 298new camera 299

Here is the OCD kicking in!  I made a list of all items I would need a space for, then made a rough – and I do mean rough – sketch of the lay out of my kitchen cabinets, where I wanted certain items to be, and which cabinets would be the appropriate size for everything.  The only left was emptying them out, wiping them down, then putting everything back in it’s new home 🙂

 new camera 285

My most open, largest cabinet is now home to all things baking!  I love to bake, and I have a ton of things for that specific purpose.  Various pans, different flours, sugars, extracts, etc.  Now they all have a home together as opposed to being all over the place.   

 new camera 286

Next up, the spices.  I use to just keep them thrown into a drawer, some in the cabinets above the stove, and some even in the pantry.  Crazy!  I decided to place them in the cabinet next to the stove.  All in the same place, handy for cooking.  I wanted to use just one shelf, but as you can see I have an abundance of herbs/spices!  The top two shelves hold some serving plates that I frequently use.

 new camera 288

In the same cabinet section next to the spices I have a variety of things.  More serving items up top, electric knives (yes we have two), my tea kettle, tupper ware, blender items, sandwich boxes for boys, and various mixing bowls.

 new camera 289

The cabinet opposite of the stove now holds only dishes for eating.  I use to have all dishes and cups/glasses in this cabinet.  Which made it crowded.  I opted to have the bottom shelf for all things plastic (boys dishes) so the kiddos can reach them easily.  Now all other items have a home without being stacked on top of each other, with the exception of the top shelf which holds the china set that never gets used!

 new camera 290

This is the cabinet next to the fridge, but also is above the coffee pot area.  I had coffee items, as well as various plastic, kid, travel cups just thrown in.  Needless to say I needed to clean it out big time!  I threw out all of the old kid type cups, you know the ones I am talking about.  The zoo cup with straw that was never used, the crazy “water bottle” types that you buy because it has Lightning McQueen on it, etc.  The never get used so out they go.  Now this cabinet houses all things drink.  Bottom shelf again holds the cups for the kids so they can reach them easily, then coffee, then glasses, and top shelf holds thermos, water bottle, etc. 

 new camera 291

Now lets talk the rest of the bottom cabinets.  This one is the smallest one, which as you can tell now holds all small appliances.  I tried to put the ones that are used most towards the front, but to be honest we use all of our small appliances frequently.  I also threw in the pitcher and cake storage since I use these very often. 

 new camera 292

The longest cabinet now holds all things cooking.  From bake ware to pots and pans.  I thought seriously about making this the baking cabinet since I needed the room for my corning ware, but decided against it.  I know that a lot of this is for baking, but it is for everyday foods not cakes/pies/pastries, etc.  So I decided they belonged more with the pots & pans as opposed to the cookie/cake sheets!

 new camera 293

Above the stove now holds all of my oils and vinegars.  Oh and the husbands batter bowls.  Which he does use frequently so I had to give it a good home 🙂

 new camera 294

The refrigerator cabinet now holds all things entertainment.  I have various glasses in here, such as margarita, champagne, etc.  Glass ware that I do use for entertaining purposes only.  My wine glasses will be kept elsewhere.  I have a project going on for those soon.  I also have chip bowls and food trays in here as well.  Along with our wedding glasses, oh and to the left will be home of all things alcohol.  I need to restock.  At the moment the only thing I have left is whiskey. 

new camera 296 

Here is a quick pic of the new pantry.  It is so much neater now that all the baking items have been removed, along with the oils, vinegars, and some of the seasonings.  Top shelf holds grains, boxed dinner items, etc.  Then we have pasta and canned goods.  All breakfast items and bread are on the third shelf, and the bottom shelf holds all things snack related.  Again the bottom shelf is for the sole purpose of easy to reach for the boys 🙂

new camera 283

Now I only have to go through the cookbooks, magazines, etc, and figure out how to organize those.  So I am still working, but I am very pleased with the outcome so far.  I totally want to buy some more organization things such as shelves for the canned goods and seasonings, rack for the baking pans, and such.  Hopefully I will have everything organized the way I want soon.  I still  have to go through the drawers and organize those as well.  So if you do not hear from me soon call the kitchen police to file a missing persons report, lol!

Happy spring break to all!!

Do you spring clean?

Are you obsessed with making your kitchen functional?

6 thoughts on “I have one excuse”

  1. Jealous of your ice cream maker!!!! 🙂

    Our kitchen is funny, because I have 2 roommates so we all have specific cabinets, etc to keep our food. It works pretty well, but I’m guilty of stashing food on top of the fridge etc. I fill up my cabinet so fast!

  2. First of all, thank you so much for my giveaway prize! I can’t wait to make those muffins!

    I need an ice cream maker! I can’t wait to see what kind of flavors you come up with. A kitchen is hard to keep organized but necessary!

    1. Yay I am so glad you got it!! I wanted to post about that recipe but the muffins disappeared quickly. We had them with a dinner so I had planned to take pics the next day in light….they didn’t make it, lol!!

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