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the small things

Do you remember the first time you heard the saying “It’s the small things in life”.  I do.  I thought it was crazy talk.  I mean who cares about small things, I needed the perfect outfit, the perfect boyfriend, the perfect everything.  That was huge, I didn’t have time for small things!

But then I grew up.  I have a job.  I have a husband.  I have a house to take care of.  I have two children.  Two boys to be exact.  This kind of life will totally give you the “it’s the small things” mentality!

Like seeing your sons face when he discovers a package at the door.  Because of course in his little mind all packages belong to him.  No matter what it contains.  No matter the size, shape, color, etc.

new camera 161

He will happily claim it.  It is even better when the package includes things that are truly meant for him 🙂

new camera 162

A few weeks ago I won a wonderful blog giveaway from the Fairy Healthy Life blog.  I had the wonderful opportunity of having Chobani send me not one but two packs each of their new champions flavors.  For those of you that aren’t familiar with the champions yogurt it is the child version from the Chobani company.  Much better for your little tykes than Yoplait!

new camera 165new camera 164

I have to admit that I did enjoy the chocolate chunk (yes I ate a container to try it out myself), but I have yet to try the orange vanilla.  Kohl and Noah have both taken containers in their lunch bags.  Kohl loves them both, Noah doesn’t like it at all.  Noah is not as big of a yogurt eater as Kohl is, unless it is gogurt…….

So thank you Farrah for hosting a wonderful giveaway.  I am very pleased with both products and will surely add them to my grocery/lunch item list!!

new camera 171

Of course now that I have such wonderful smiles on the boys faces I have to include the hubster.  He is a simple man.  I do mean simple.  As much as I like to complain about him, he is very easy to live with!  As long as you ignore the clothes left on the floor, the toilet seat left up, the mail/magazines on the kitchen counter, the empty glasses on the bedside table every morning, etc., etc.  Other than that he is simple!

The thing I love the most about him is how easily it is to please him food wise.  I mean is there anything worse than cooking for a picky man?  No, trust me there isn’t.  I will gladly take the clothes on the floor, toilet seat up, mail on counter, glasses, etc, etc. over trying to please a picky eater!

new camera 170

Now before you have that puzzling look and that “you said he is a meat and potatoes kind of guy” going through your brain let me clarify.  He is a meat and potatoes kind of guy.  He will gladly take a steak and potato over any other type of food any day!  Except maybe boiled crawfish or fried shrimp…. but he will gladly eat many varieties of foods.  This includes any type of vegetable you put in his face (yay!!), whole grain pastas/rice (he prefers white but will eat grains), and huge salads.  Only one thing must accompany every meal.  Some type of meat and bread!

new camera 168

“Steak” sandwich

  • cubed steak (cut into strips)
  • one medium onion
  • 4 T butter
  • cajun seasoning
  • black pepper
  • worcestershire sauce
  • buns
  1. cut the onion in half and then slice each half, set aside
  2. cut your meat into strips and season with desired types/amounts of seasoning
  3. melt 2T of butter over low heat and add onions,  cook for about 8-10 minutes until soft and translucent, remove from pan
  4. turn the burner to medium high heat, melt 2T of butter in a cast iron skillet, add the meat brown on one side, then flip and brown the other side
  5. now add in the worcestershire sauce, lots of it, and just let that stuff sizzle away, throw the onions back in
  6. at this point if the pan is getting to be a little dry you would add in some more butter, beef broth, or whatever you fancy
  7. next toast up some buns and layer with the meat and onions

Such a simple meal, yet it always puts a big smile on his face 🙂

This recipe is also delicious if you use smokes sausage as well.  Just use po-boy bread for the sausage.  You can also add green peppers to the mix for a little flavor.  I have been known to do that before when I have them available.

2 thoughts on “the small things”

  1. You’re very welcome! I love trying products before paying for them and not liking them. My favorite is the orange vanilla!

    My girls love when packages arrive, then they realize its not for them, and get on with their business! They did love the yogurt though!

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