Funnies For Friday

Before I get into that list, let’s talk about what lead me to this…….

Yeah that is our head coach for the saints.  Unless you have been hiding under a rock (or living in another country as some of you do) then I am sure that you all have heard about Bounty Gate!  Um let me just insert this little tid bit here:  why do we name every “scandal”  (something) gate??  I mean I know water gate was like this really big deal and all but come on!  Okay back to the matter at hand……

I am completely and utterly ticked over this.  I mean seriously people.  I think I will need hospitalization, possibly even medication .  Which I am sure many of you may think is just so darn hilarious, it’s ok you can laugh at my expense.  I would love to be on your “just dang hilarious list”!

So here we go……..

How funny is it that they used the “old man nose and glasses” disguise as opposed to a Mardi Gras one…..come on people we are in New Orleans.  We tend to be a bit more creative with our “dress up” habits!


How funny is it that they have managed to “suspend” every dang coach that we have for the team?  I mean really if you are afraid to let us play the season cuz we will rock the super bowl in our very own dome, just say so!

new camera 154

How funny is it that with this whole dang “scandal” I have been turning to food.  I mean is that not what all foodies do???  Yeah we do; however, I have been enjoying some really not so healthy but “my team is being royally screwed from behind” (sorry but it’s  true) types of food……

But let’s get serious now, mmmkay! 

Funnies For Friday

  • I will eat a nice salad for lunch in attempts to keep my caloric intake/healthy foods under control, only to follow it up with a delicious slice of prune cake!
  • I have an entire half gallon of coconut fudge ice cream, half gallon of vanilla, and skinny cow ice cream bars in the freezer yet I still ordered the ice cream attachment for my mixer yesterda
  • I have my cheap summer flip flops out and lined up on top of my frye boots box!
  • I have my parents driving in to take my oldest son to his baseball game tomorrow because I have a hair appointment…priorities people!
  • I have my Ree Drummond cook books proudly displayed next to my eat clean cook book!

In my defense for one, two, and three – my Saints are being “screwed”.   Number four was scheduled before we found out that this weekend would be opening tournament for baseball (it was suppose to be last weekend), and I will be at his morning game which is technically his first so no harsh judgment here.  As for number five, well Ree is just to darn great to hide away in cabinet somewhere 🙂


2 thoughts on “Funnies For Friday”

  1. ooh, those saints! There’s always a scandal in football. Don’t feel bad for taking time for yourself. We know you’re a good momma!

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