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Winner, winner!!

No I am not serving you a chicken dinner……

But I wouldn’t be opposed to you serving me one.  Preferably a fried chicken dinner.  I love fried chicken.  Who doesn’t love fried chicken?  Unfortunately fried chicken does not like my thighs, which is why I eat it on a rare occasion much to the hubster’s dismay 😦

A lot of things are done/made at my house much to the hubster’s dismay….bahahahahaha!!  It’s pretty comical actually 🙂

Last night I made him a wonderful (wonderfully unhealthy) meal.  We had enchiladas.  Like real enchiladas.  Have you ever had authentic enchiladas?  OMG they are to die for!!  So I made a semi-real enchilada.  What do I mean by that?  Well true enchilada sauce doesn’t come from a can – mine did!  Oh and true enchiladas are loaded with cheese – mine where!  Also when you make an authentic one you first “fry” the corn tortilla in a little oil (canola) to soften the shell, then you dip it into the sauce, fill with seasoned ground beef (venison in my case), top with cheese, roll em up and place in baking dish – I did!!  Then you pour the remaining sauce over the top, top with even more cheese, then let them  bake away – I did! 

So as you can see totally semi-real enchiladas.  To top it off he wanted some “mexican rice”.  That means that I use white rice.  I normally do not do this, but I needed a quicker cooking rice.  We all know that brown rice doesn’t cook quickly.  We all know that we occasionally have to grant the hubster’s wishes (I am still working on knowing this so give me a break), which means I caved.  I used white rice.  My thighs are hating me today 😦

But all  of that is totally off topic.  It has nothing to do with today’s post!  Or maybe it is just a little tease about tomorrow’s post????

Back to today’s post.  The winner of my “give me your breakfast ideas” give away is……..


Wait for it……….


Wait for it……..


Farrah!  Yippeee, yay, yahooo!  Oh and Farrah I think I have come up with your requested item.  I will do a test run this weekend since it requires me to go to the grocery.  I have to buy groceries this weekend so I am holding off….please forgive??

Since we are on the topic of winners I would like to share a winning snack with you guys today.  The wonderful Alina at Enjoy Life Foods contacted me last week with the great opportuinity of trying out the new plentils.  Which is just a fancy term for a lentil chip. 

Enjoy Life FoodsEnjoy Life Foods

I love them!!  I have been munching on a handful of them each day.  It is so wonderful to have a chip replacement 🙂

Enjoy Life Foods

I have tried all four varieties (dill & sour cream, margherita pizza, garlic & parm, sea salt)  I have to admit that they are all good!  My absolute favorite our of the four varieties would have to be the margherita pizza flavor.  Who doesn’t love a pizza flavored chip?? 

They are made with quality ingredients, free of the seven most common food allergies, and have great flavor.  I have really enjoyed many of the items made by Enjoy Life.  It is so nice to have snack options for on the go when a cooler just isn’t feasible to keep snacks from spoiling.   So I wanted to share with you guys that the new products are snackage winners in my book 🙂

I highly recommend that you try them.  Especially on a day when the hubster is driving you nuts about fried chicken, and you just really need something to crunch down on to get rid of some frustration!

**although I was provided with the above products to review, I am in no way paid for reviewing the items.  The opinions expressed are truly my own opinions of the products.**

2 thoughts on “Winner, winner!!”

  1. Woo hooo! I’m so excited! I can’t wait for your recipe, and I can’t wait to try it myself! So sorry I’m making you go to the store.

    1. Haha…the hubster would love for u to take credit for something over him, but I really for need to shop for groceries! The ingredients are things I normally have, but since payday is Friday I will wait til then to make a big trip 🙂

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